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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Pieces N Play Domino

Do you like dominos? How do you feel about a color-based set of simplified dominoes? Perhaps the game won’t need the same amount of brain power, but it’s hard to argue with such a nice set of colorful plywood tiles. All ages would be able to enjoy, whether for actual game play or just playing around. By Danish design duo Lee Storm for HAY.

Purchase Information:

Price: $57.00
Available from: Huset Shop

Moon Tables

Sleek! These Moon Tables from Ethnicraft’s Universo Positivo collection strikes the right note with their solid oak tops and lacquered stainless steel sides. The slight rim helps corral any miscellany- not that you’ll have any- and the materials give a refined feel to a rather simple, no-frills design.

Purchase Information:

Price: $449.00 - 799.00
Available from: Lekker Home

Orion, Pegasus, Cygnus Quilts by Mary Keasler

What just happened? How in the world did these constellation quilts by Mary Keasler skip the collective radar until now? One side is white, featuring the well-known constellation, and the reverse side is solid navy. As there is no true top or bottom, you may rotate the quilts as you wish for a new perspective of the night sky’s brighter characters.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,200.00
Available from: Tanner Goods

Roll With It

We could do a guessing game as to what this item might be, but let’s just get to the point and discuss one of the necessary things involved in personal hygiene: toilet paper. Where is it stored? How is it kept near the toilet/loo without being a complete eyesore? If you’re lucky, you found some bathroom accessories that are affordable and easy to look at, but if you’re like most of the U.S. of A., you’re probably still fumbling around with the spring loaded thingy that holds your paper each time it runs out. If you had this beauty (if you can call a toilet paper holder beautiful), there’d be no more fumbling, just a simple peg to remove and replace.

Purchase Information:

Price: $130.00
Available from: Assembly Design

Artist Deck Chairs

When searching for outdoor seating options, don’t forget about the deck chairs from Artware Editions. They’d be easy to move from the car to sun to shade while at the beach, and you’ll get some curious looks when people spot the unusual artwork upon the digitally-printed, sailcloth sling. There are beach/bath towels by some well known artists as well, so there’s no need to hold back on displaying your art appreciation. Note: Artist-designed deck chairs could be considered a little ostentatious, so be sure not to be too much of a you-know-what when someone asks about them.

Purchase Information:

Price: $375.00
Available from: Artware Editions

Sheffield Kevlar Shears

Arm yourself with these shears and there will be nothing you can’t cut. Designed to cut through Kevlar (a para-aramid synthetic fiber, by the way), the Sheffield Shears will cut through practically any household material- tape, cardboard, thick fabric, you name it- as they’re extremely sharp and indestructible.

Purchase Information:

Price: $36.00 - 76.00
Available from: Best Made Co.

Tripod Stool

Like the look of this Tripod Stool? You’re in luck, as it’s on sale until tomorrow, according to its description. Oh, and don’t get too attached to the wooden top without considering the Marble Top version, as you might like a different material thrown into the mix. Oh, and be sure take a look at the Tripod Table, also able to be used as a short stool, which at $146 (again, sale lasts until tomorrow) is one heck of a bargain.

Purchase Information:

Price: $259.00 - 345.00
Available from: SOBU

Station Queen Bed

Need a new bed? Blu Dot’s Station Bed features a padded upholstered headboard and a durable steel frame. Don’t worry if pink (or gingham) is not your favorite color (or pattern) as there are various options to choose from- four headboard fabrics and two frame colors, to be exact.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,199.00
Available from: Blu Dot

Fundamental Party Collection

Hats off to you, Meri Meri, for providing a science-themed party kit for all of those parents beleaguered by the not-so-great current offerings at the local big box store. However, why is the Fundamental Party Collection only in the boys’ section? Grumble, grumble. It could be under the ‘general’ category, or a gender neutral section, couldn’t it?

Purchase Information:

Price: $4.50 and up
Availability: Buy Fundamental Party Collection here

Capitol Pendant Lamp

Whoa. This lamp commands attention with its size: at 26″ diameter and a 22″ height it won’t fade into any room’s background. A matte carbon aluminum shade has a white interior to maximize the light, and that neutral combination goes anywhere, with any color scheme. Best of all, the price sneaks under the $300 mark, so you can afford to have a hefty statement lamp (or two) above your dining table without a hefty price tag. Nice.

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Available from: CB2

Digital Sunrise Blanket

More pixilated textiles, though this time it’s turned all the way up to an almost obnoxious color play of red, yellow, blue, green and black. Spanish artist and designer Cristian Zuzunaga is the man behind this silk and superfine merino wool blanket, and, if you’re a fan of vivid colors and strong patterns, you’ll want to take a look at the other items in his Bitmap collection, for there’s a fair share of clothes and other textiles sure to infuse your wardrobe and home with one heck of patterned punch.


Purchase Information:

Price: $406.00
Available from: A+R Store

Geo Thermos

Hello Geo. Nice sharp edges sure set this guy apart from the usual thermos. And the colors (!), that geometric shape, the semi-retro design… who would have thought that a thermos could draw such an admiring audience?

Purchase Information:

Price: $90.00
Available from: Scandinavian Grace

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    I know, not so many links this week. That’s because staring into a computer screen isn’t always so fun (gasp). Enjoy the weekend.

    Weight Vases

    Yes, here’s another vase, but considering the holiday that takes place this Sunday, I figure there is going to be a plethora of flowers around, and you’ll have ample opportunity to assess whether or not the receptacle in which they are placed is aesthetically acceptable. If it isn’t, you’re in the market for a better vase. Now, there’s no question in my mind that these Weight Vases by Decha Archjananum are acceptable and, in fact, desired for their minimal concrete bases and thin, steel frames. The frames keep flower stems upright while the base holds water and provides stability.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $150.00 - 270.00
    Available from: Luminaire

    Hide Pendant Lights

    If you’re vegan, just skip reading this post or spending too long looking at these pendant lights. For the rest of us, you might notice that these lamps are made of laser cut leather (locally sourced, mind you), hand molded and hand dyed to the correct color. As with other fine leather goods, they’re not inexpensive, yet for certain rooms or environments, they just might be worth the price.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $410.00
    Available from: Anaesthetic Design