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Pendel vs. Suitor

And, now, we have a loveseat vs. loveseat scenario, with each 2-seater sofa having similar proportions and styling, especially in their higher backs and curved corners. The bases and fabric are completely different, of course, but please play along with me here in guessing which one costs $2,301 more, and do ignore the fabric when making your guess…

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,199.00 - 3,896.00
Available from: The Future Perfect

Water From A Stone

No need to ask favors for watering your plants the next time you leave on a week long trip, this handblown glass container will do the job. Fill the ‘stone’ with water, cork it up, and then place it into a planter, making sure it’s slowly dripping water onto the plant’s roots. It will seep water out over the course of 3 to 4 days, keeping your plants refreshed and happy when you’re away. Each ‘stone’ holds 7oz (207ml) of water.

Purchase Information:

Price: $13.00
Available from: Kikkerland

Source: The New York Times

Brass Clip Number

The Midori collection over at baum-kuchen has me adding a few desk accessories to my shopping list, namely, these brass clip numbers. Each clip is made of solid brass and could be used as a bookmark/place holder or simply to keep small paper items together. I think they’d be handy in a planner to mark out months for easy reference.

Purchase Information:

Price: $18.00
Available from: Baum-kuchen

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    Enjoy your weekend!

    Pots by Benjamin Huberts

    You won’t find these at your local kitchen supply store. These terracotta pots by Benjamin Hubert are glazed internally and have silicone lids for a tight seal, which make them perfect for storing dry goods- pasta, cereal, etc.- in the kitchen. No sacrificing design style here, as each piece could easily double as a vase (or group them together for a bigger centerpiece).

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $69.95 - 99.95
    Available from: MENU Design Shop


    I’m a little late in posting this, so you might have seen it around, but, thankfully you’ve still got 5 days to back it if you haven’t already. The Nourishmat is a grow-your-own garden mat that makes it easy to get veggies growing in your backyard. Simply roll the mat out on some garden soil, push in the seedballs, and hook the mat up to the hose. Voilà! It takes all the guesswork out of gardening. For you, your kids, your neighbors, etc. For more info, visit Earth Starter’s Nourishmat website.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $55.00 +
    Available from: Kickstarter

    Stainless Steel Growler

    You might like your draft beer, but do you like it enough to have your own growler? Maybe, probably, whatever your answer might be, the point is, if you’re going to use a growler, this stainless steel one is much lighter than its glass relatives and will keep your beer colder, longer. A silicone sealed lid keeps contents fresh. Also, fyi, Popular Mechanics did a lab test to see how well stainless steel growlers held up to abuse, this one included.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $34.00
    Available from: Blue Ribbon General Store


    It’s a very tiny projector for your Instagram photos. If you can’t quite talk yet because you’re thinking of all the possibilities for perfect gifts and future special moments to be captured, it’s understandable. Let’s just admit that the Projecteo is adorable and amazing and, if you use Instagram, you’ve pretty much got no choice but to try it out.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $34.98
    Available from: Projecteo

    Archery Tacks

    Perhaps your bulletin board needs a few of these arrow tail tacks? They have a fancier look than the more primitive stick-and-feather variety (GOT fans, you know what I’m talking about here), but there’s nothing wrong with a little gold amongst your notes and favorite pictures. Sold in a set of 3.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $48.00
    Available from: Debra Folz

    Clothing rail, Rectangular

    So, who wants to spend $399 on a minimalist clothing rail and/or coat rack? I’ll be the first to put my hand up, despite the slightly ridiculous price tag and the fact that it can’t be shipped outside of Australia. Don’t worry, I won’t buy it, but let’s just think of the many unappealing options (search for ‘closet rail hardware’ and you’ll see exactly what I mean) and then let’s compare the minimal iron rail to all the parts and pieces of those other options. There’s something so appealing about reducing a clothes rail down to just an iron rod with hooks, as it would probably decrease our wardrobe to only a few select outfits. Sounds a bit utopian, doesn’t it? There’s also a Vertical and Round version, fyi.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $399.00
    Available from: The Minimalist

    In Between Chair

    You might sense a resemblance to Hans Wegner’s Wishbone Chair in the curved back rail of this chair, and you’d be spot on, as designer Sami Kallio has a high regard for the world renowned Danish designer. Kallio’s chair occupies a certain ‘in between’ place in method of manufacturing as each one is hand and machine made. Ash and oak, the two options, both respond quite well to woodturning, more of classic hand-held lathe technique, and compression molding, a technique that allows for strength despite an overall lightness. The back and side panels provide support as well as a nicely contrasting visual gap.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $598.00
    Available from: A+R Store

    4-piece nano note set

    As someone who prefers to keep my weekly schedule in order via paper and pen, I shall never relinquish the smaller sticky note, as they provide a jolt of color to remind me of important dates and tasks. Now, I have another option to add to my visual arsenal: teensy tiny sticky notes. With small handwriting, you could probably jot down an important word or phrase, but considering their color, shape, and size it looks like they’d be perfectly appropriate for highlighting a particular date or line of text all on their own.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $6.95
    Available from: CB2

    NUD Classic Black Pendant

    A simple grouping of hanging pendants is made all the more interesting when you mix up the cord colors and bulbs. After all, it’s fun to go a little crazy in lighting options, especially if you pick a few of your favorite hues. The NUD classic pendant has a load of color options, even more so if you order directly from the NUD Collection Webshop, and you could even go super crazy and pick out different socket colors, though I’d advise against it as it could look a lot less planned and a little more insane.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $49.00
    Available from: Lumens


    How often are you out at the beach, campsite, or park and wish you had a garden hose to wash off dirt and grime? This is exactly where the Aquabot by Lunatec comes into play: it transforms your regular water bottle into a pressurized device, giving you the function of a portable hose/faucet/fountain/mister so you can use water efficiently. It’s currently a Kickstarter project, and if you pledge $29 and up, you’ll be one of the first to have an Aquabot in your hands.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $29.00
    Available from: Kickstarter

    WeMo Light Switch

    And, now, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon a Wi-Fi® enabled light switch. It’s by the same company as the WeMo Switch (makes a lot of sense) and it allows you to turn lights on and off from anywhere. Maybe you’re on the other side of the house or maybe you’re in another country, either way, you can control your lights remotely with a Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can also program your lights for specified times, as in on at sunset and off at sunrise, which would be especially helpful for certain areas like your front door. And, if you’re not afraid of a little DIY, you can easily replace your regular light switch with the WeMo; there’s an installation video to guide you along.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $49.99
    Available from: Belkin