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Random Gift Ideas 4

Okay, here’s the last random smattering of gift ideas for you, but you’d best be quick to order anything with overnight shipping as today is really the last day with any chance for something to arrive on/before Christmas.

Friday Links

  • airbnb builds 50 birdhouses modeled after home listings
  • Ha: Minimal Nativity Set.
  • Fleksy, an application that replaces your device’s on–screen keyboard.
  • 10 Pranks for Christmas Morning
  • If you care about taking your very best selfie
  • The Power of Empathy: A Quick Animated Lesson That Can Make You a Better Person
  • The Wolf of Bedford Falls
  • That is all. Enjoy your weekend.

    Random Gift Ideas

    As we’re in the last throes of shopping frenzy, let’s throw some random stuff together and give one last jolt, a therapeutic dose if you will, to your dying interest of finding just the right thing. Don’t give in to the general malaise of oh-this-cheap-pair-of-gloves-will-do, for you, my friend, are better than that (you are reading this site, after all). A thoughtful gift is out there, and some places are even offering free shipping today in time for the 25th.

    Items in these ‘random’ images aren’t even numbered, thus showing you that I’m also pretty tired of the whole gift frenzy, and you’ll have to use your brain to figure out which items match the list. Hint: items are listed from left to right, top to bottom, just like you read a book.

    Random Gift Ideas 2

    More random gift ideas for you…

    Random Gift Ideas 3

    And here’s the last random gift idea list today, more on Monday…

    Arne Jacobsen cups

    Think you can’t afford an Arne Jacobsen piece? Sure, maybe not the furniture, but you can now own… (drum roll) a cup. Who doesn’t want some Bauhaus-inspired typography on their cup of coffee/tea/pencils/pens/miscellany? The letters were originally created by Jacobsen in 1937 for Aarhus City Hall, and now they’ve been revived (with permission) on these porcelain cups. Need I point out this could be a good gift for Jacobsen fans? (No need to go broke- just get two cups with the recipient’s initials if their name is prohibitively long.)


    Purchase Information:

    Price: $21.00
    Available from: Finnish Design Shop

    Wintercheck Factory Gift Ideas 2013

    And here’s another list of gift ideas for this last-Thursday-before-Christmas. Kristen Wentrcek and her partner Andrew Zebulon Williams rounded up a list of 12 things they’d like to give/get this season. If those two names aren’t familiar, Kristen Wentrcek owns and designs for Wintercheck Factory and is the co-founder of 06/08. Andrew Zebulon Williams is an illustrator and the other co-founder of 06/08. Thanks for sharing your list, Kristen and Andrew!

    Phaidon Concierge

    If you want to be really generous, consider a Concierge package from Phaidon. Answer a few questions, and you’ll get expert guidance towards which books will be most successful as a gift. This isn’t cheap, of course, as we’re talking about nice and hefty art, photography, and food books (and we’re down to last minute shipping too), but it might give you an inkling as to which titles your recipient will be most delighted about, and who knows, you might just find an extra grand to spend once you consider you’re fattening up your loved one’s library with some excellent tomes.

    More information:

    View Phaidon Concierge here

    iSpoon Kitchen Stylus

    It’s nearing stocking-stuffer time, and for $8, you can stuff your favorite cook’s stocking with this beech wood spoon with a handy silicone stylus end. If they use a tablet in the kitchen for following recipes, they’ll appreciate the combination, no doubt about it.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $5.96
    Available from: CB2

    Unstuff Gifts

    If you’ve not yet got a special gift for that special someone, you’re in trouble. It’s either errands on foot or by car to brave the crowds or paying through the nose for premium shipping. But wait, what if you could give that special person an experience rather than a thing? Unstuff, rather than stuff. Maybe you could give them a class in Aerial Yoga. Or would they enjoy learning woodworking? What about indoor skydiving? Get more ideas over at Unstuff, and think about giving a story they can tell rather than something they’ll forget about by the time next year rolls around.

    More information:

    View Unstuff Gifts here

    Nimbus Dashboard

    Not that you need to be more connected, but this 4-dial dashboard will help you track what’s important. It’s customizable, so you get to pick what info it displays- it’ll wake you up, but maybe you also want to know the weather, how many emails you have, what the morning traffic is like, or just what day it is… the Nimbus will show you it all via each dial/barometer. It syncs in real time, so the data will be accurate. Maybe that means you’ll pick up your phone less? We can hope. Think of it as a desk top accompaniment or a bedside starting point.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $129.00
    Available from: Quirky

    Series One Titanium Tool Set

    What to get that hard-to-please person? Well, if they like tools, get them this Series One Titanium Tool Set. There’s one Edge tool (for prying, cutting) and one Opener (for opening up bottles); both are lightweight, durable, and keychain friendly. The set is available in titanium from Hand Eye Supply as a limited edition.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $155.00
    Available from: Hand Eye Supply

    Present Modular Shelving by MOCO x Furni

    What do we have here? It looks like a modular shelving system, but it’s certainly unlike any you’ll find at a regular retailer. With a pair of brass plated rails, three solid walnut shelf elements, each “module” of the Present Modular Shelving will provide multiple storage functions to fit your needs. Use the box element as a simple container for emptying your pockets or as a frame for your favorite items. The rail is perfect for hanging skateboards, or with the hooks (included), hang up your jackets and scarves.

    And, if you need further convincing, know that the Present Modular Shelving is the first MOCO x Furni product, a collaboration between MOCO LOCO and Furni, the Montreal-based design and lifestyle brand/manufacturer. Convinced that you could find a place for it in your own home? Watch the video below to see more and back the project over at Kickstarter.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: CAD425.00
    Available from: Kickstarter

    Michael Mundy Gift Ideas 2013

    Michael Mundy from has once again found the time to share his gift list this year. If you haven’t checked out his site lately, it’s worth a visit to see the latest people and spaces featured. Thanks Michael!

    1. Luc Parfum bottle, $85.00: great for men and women.

    2. Best Made Steel Bowls, $35.00: for what ever.

    3. First Aid Kit, $74.99: These could be a life saver.

    4. Fisher Space Pen, $20.00: The chicest pen ever.

    5. Classic American Bandana, $5.00: Can never have enough and these colors are great.

    Michael Mundy Gift Ideas 2013

    6. Luxury Canape set of 6 Blue Ships, $90.00.

    7. Gentleman Soap Dish, $20.00: This or any thing from Izola.

    8. Silver Gripper, $6.95: You’d be surprised how often you’ll use them.

    9. US Navy Wool Blanket, $190.00

    ISHUJA’s Eco-Essential Pen and Pencil

    Are you sick of holiday shopping yet? Yeah, me too, but this might help. If you still have one impossible person on your list, and absolutely no idea what to get them, consider ISHUJA’s Eco-Essential Pen and Pencil Set.

    Formerly a Kickstarter project, the set is now available for sale, and consists of one pen and one pencil, both with bamboo & aluminum bodies and a high-sensitivity stylus nib on each cap for tablet use. The set is appropriately gift boxed with a set of 5 color rings for identification. Not sure how long shipping will take, so do be sure to double check if you intend it as a Christmas gift.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $50.00 - 95.00
    Available from: ISHUJA