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Articles Written by Katie


About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Peili Salad Servers

Salad servers? Yawn. That’s what you think until you have someone special over for dinner and you’re stuck serving a salad course with an ordinary fork and spoon. Come on, you can do better. Get yourself these affordable Peili ash wood servers, because they’re “aesthetically sophisticated” tools. Once you have these alongside your fine salad, you’ll have nothing but pride in how you host your guests at the table.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Available from: Luminaire

Grow Greenhouse

Anything that will help keep plants alive is pretty much a must-have, but this Grow Greenhouse has me itching to buy multiples. Two handmade glass parts combine to create a small nursery for beginning plants. A small valve on the top dome allows for air and moisture regulation, and a spout on the dome’s edge allows you to use it for watering. Smart, isn’t it?

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.40
Available from: Design Public

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Are you old enough to remember (or still use) an actual clipboard? I like how this molded plywood Pupitre* designed by José Cabrita functions sort of like a clipboard, without the clip. Sure, it holds your iPad or tablet upright handily enough with the slot in its curved surface, but that surface also gives you a place to take notes or stack your current papers and magazines. The curvature also makes it easy for you to grab the whole stack and move it from the table to the sofa, or from your desk to the conference room.

Purchase Information:

Price: €90.00
Available from: Context

Linear Box Planter

We all know that simple, clean-cut planters aren’t abundant at the local plant nurseries. That’s probably why every time we run across one it’s a mad dash to see how much it is, what colors it comes in, and quick! buy it before someone else snatches it up. So, sure, we’re into the Linear Box Planter. Skinny, square legs, and a simple rectangular box, what’s not to like? It’s worth noting that the plywood box has an open bottom, with what looks like a metal cross bar for supporting your own pots in their not-so-pretty plastic.

Purchase Information:

Price: $225.00
Available from: NewMadeLA

Piippu Pot

The Piippu Pot by Kaksikko looks a like a distant relative of the Svante Watering Can, no? Its shape and side handle reference traditional tea service, yet the addition of the filter holder makes it suitable for coffee as well. Each pot is crafted by hand by designer Salla Luhtasela and is available in a black engobe finish or white gas-fired porcelain.

Purchase Information:

Price: $275.00
Available from: Merchant No. 4

Birch Coat Hook

There’s nothing complicated about this Birch Coat Hook. It’s made of two wooden dowels, so it’s simple and sturdy, and will have no trouble holding up your heavy coats and other entryway (or office) miscellany. The lower hook has its tip hand-painted in either white, teal, or gray for just a hint of contrast.


Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: urbancase

Knot Cushion

I bet this cushion would kick ass in a pillow fight, though you might prefer to take a nap instead as it looks so delightfully soft. Icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösps Sigurðardóttir was making legs for stuffed teddy bears when inspiration hit: why not tie the flexible tubes into a knot? And this comfortable, soft, sculptural cushion is the result. Pretty fun, don’t you think?

Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Porter Paper Towel Holder

If you saw this sitting on a kitchen counter, would you immediately know what it was? Probably not, especially if it wasn’t wearing the item it was designed to hold. Yep, it’s a paper towel holder, quite possibly the only one that doesn’t offend a design snob. The top of the rod bends to lock in the paper towel roll; the bent top also functions as a handle.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Available from: Cooper Hewitt Shop

Transience Mirrors

The tonal colors on the handmade Transience Mirrors involve a little chemistry. Sulfur is used to create layers of color; the longer the chemical is left to oxidize, the deeper the color. With repeating geometric shapes reinforcing each mirror’s perimeter, you’ll have a strong visual statement fit for any room. The hard part will be choosing your favorite- in addition to the Large Mirror Circle you see above, there’s the smaller Mirror Circle, the Large Mirror Rectangle, the Large Mirror Triangle, the Large Cubic Mirror, and the Mirror Linear.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,850.00
Available from: MATTER

Slatted Barstool

Okay, this Slatted Barstool is beautifully balanced and elegant, but it’s… inexpensive? Are we reading that right? Jasper Morrison designed the bent tubular steel stool with rolled steel slats back in 1986, and luckily, it looks like it could have hit the marketplace yesterday, and we’d be none the wiser. It’s available in black or silver powder-coated textured finish.

Purchase Information:

Price: $210.00
Available from: Horne

Svante Watering Can

Who wants a funny looking watering can? We do, we do! Because then we will never forget to water the plants, and it can double as a vase when not in use. Broberg & Ridderstråle’s watering can is made of brass with two odd-shaped spouts- one flared spout for filling and one skinny spout for pouring. The care of design and choice of materials makes this watering can one to hold on to, and maybe even pass down to your offspring (or your other favorite young friends).

Purchase Information:

Price: €85.00
Available from: Makers & Brothers

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Loewe Craft Prize Finalists

InstruMMent 01

A new measuring tool? Sign us up. The InstruMMent 01 captures dimensions of any object and logs the measurements through your smartphone. One end of the pen/pencil/stylus has a black rubberized wheel that rolls over flat and curved surfaces. Sensors record the distance travelled (in 0.1 mm increments) with a laser to help you gauge exactly where you start and finish. Want to see how big your face is, or capture your exact profile? Roll the end from your forehead to your chin, then watch the line appear in the accompanying app. What about measuring a chair or a sculpture? Roll the end across and around, and ta-da! You’ll have the dimensions ready to share. The app will translate scaled quantities as well (and you can import to CAD!). So fun.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00
Available from: Indiegogo

Ripple Glasses and Carafe

If you’re drinking your favorite cold beverage out of a chipped mug, snap up this set of Ripple Glasses pronto. Mouth blown into the mold, each glass features a lovely rippled surface. Look closer and you’ll see that each glass has a varied height to its collar; that adds interest, of course, but it also means you’ll be able to tell which glass is yours when your friends and family are around. Go ahead and get the matching carafe too- you might as well, as the whole grouping is quite affordable.

Purchase Information:

Price: $42.00 - 48.00
Available from: Ferm Living