Bathroom Accessories

Sand Containers

Do not, I repeat, do not underestimate the value of containers you look at and use everyday. Sure, a toothbrush or pen holder is meant for function, but there’s no reason why it can’t be a pleasure to look at as well. The Sand Containers are handmade from a mixture of natural stone powder and resin with a wood divider/lid to keep things tidy. I think they’ve won the top spot when it comes to bathroom accessories, as they’re simple and elegant, and those words are rarely used as adjectives in that particular department.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.90 - 26.90
Available from: MilkDesign

Hub Ladder by Matt Carr

Yes, this ladder would be great for hanging towels or clothes in the bedroom or bathroom, but it has an extra trick up its sleeve. The solid ash wood portion expands out from the matte-painted steel side so you can adjust it to fit your needs. So, on a day you need a little storage, slide it inwards, and on a day you need a lot, expand it outwards.

Purchase Information:

Price: $100.00
Available from: Umbra

Soap Stones

I know, I know, your hands are clean enough, but wouldn’t it be nice to keep them clean with soaps that look like gemstones? I think so, but maybe you’d prefer to keep them as your ‘fancy’ soaps for guests, as they’re sort of special. All are handcrafted, all natural, vegetable-based soaps, and they’re made and hand cut in PELLE’s Brooklyn studio.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00+
Available from: Pelle

Brass Towel Hanger and Toilet Paper Holder

Towel rings and toilet paper holders… yawn. Those two things are perhaps the least exciting items in a bathroom and possibly the hardest to find for any discerning modernist. Now, considering there are several nice brass home accessories available nowadays from respectable retailers, we shouldn’t be too surprised to find that Ferm Living has these two options available. Solid brass combined with oak wood does the job without getting in the way of a quiet, minimal look.

Purchase Information:

Price: $52.00
Available from: Ferm Living Shop

Iris Hantverk Concrete Shaving Kit

We’ve featured some things from Iris Hantverk before, but seeing as Father’s Day is fast approaching, it seems appropriate to spotlight their Concrete Shaving Kit. Designed by Lovisa Wattman, the kit includes a soft concrete shaving dish, shaving soap, and a shaving brush with badger hair bristles. Iris Hantverk is known for their handmade brushes, so you know you’re getting high quality. Plus, join the Ode to Things mailing list and receive 15% off (do take a look at their collection-you’ll like it, I promise).

Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00
Available from: Ode to Things

Roll With It

We could do a guessing game as to what this item might be, but let’s just get to the point and discuss one of the necessary things involved in personal hygiene: toilet paper. Where is it stored? How is it kept near the toilet/loo without being a complete eyesore? If you’re lucky, you found some bathroom accessories that are affordable and easy to look at, but if you’re like most of the U.S. of A., you’re probably still fumbling around with the spring loaded thingy that holds your paper each time it runs out. If you had this beauty (if you can call a toilet paper holder beautiful), there’d be no more fumbling, just a simple peg to remove and replace.

Purchase Information:

Price: $130.00
Available from: Assembly Design

BassamFellows Sharp Series

Yes, the boxes shown above are a bit skewed to the right; it’s not in your head. Each Sharp Box is carved from a solid piece of wood (there’s part of the price explanation) and intended as a modular system for desktop or bathroom. The slightly slanted nature defines the collection and adds a note of humor to your small storage needs.

Purchase Information:

Price: $295.00 - 720.00
Available from: SUITE New York

Wet Wipes Case

What is meant to be kept in these nicely shaped canisters? Might as well cut to the chase: wet wipes. If wet wipes are in any way integral to your day (pets, kids, or maybe you’re just a messy eater), you know the packaging isn’t going to win any awards. Instead of lamenting how graphic/packaging design caters to the masses, pop those suckers into one of these ceramic canisters and call it a day. A silicon gasket around the wooden lid keeps the wipes from drying out, and, hey, the canister looks nice enough to be kept out anywhere in the house- not just the bath or laundry room.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00 - 29.00
Available from: Luminaire

Hanging Line Collection

Picking out decent (i.e. modern) bathroom accessories can be a pain, mostly because there’s just not a lot to choose from in an affordable price range. That’s why these silicone bands and hooks by Josh Owen are nice to see- they’re very affordable and fun in an unstuffy, modern way. Use the bands and hooks for towels, newspapers, scrub brushes, etc. There’s also a toilet paper holder (with a magnetic catch) and two silicone gloved mirrors to complete the collection.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00 - 200.00
Available from: Kontextür

WC Line

Oh, the glamourous world of bath sets. Out of the many available in the marketplace, this is one of the least offensive, and dare I say, even pleasant to look at. Durable silicone combined with sturdy wood is quite practical, and, of course, makes it completely obvious as to their cleaning/storing function. The set ($125) includes a plunger, toilet brush and waste bin, or you can purchase items individually ($45-$55). Take your pick from Black, White, Red, Blue, and Orange.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00 - 55.00
Available from: leibal

5 Minute Shower

If you’re guilty of spending too much time in the shower, try to cut down on the dillydallying with a timer like this one. Each half rotation equals 5 minutes, and a suction cup keeps it attached right where you can see it. It’s an easy way to monitor your water usage.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.50
Available from: Kikkerland

Utility Shower Curtain

Throw out those gross tension rod shelves and suction cup baskets in your shower. This shower curtain has four large self-draining pockets to hold your bottles, two loops for toothbrushes and razors, and, on the outside, towel loops. Machine washable and water repellent, you’ll have no need for a liner, as you can throw this curtain into the wash when it needs a cleaning. If you don’t mind the utilitarian feel, it’s a great choice for a bathroom short on storage.


Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Available from: Wintercheck Factory

Loo Brush by Iris Hantverk

Ah, let’s talk about the loo (toilet) brush. I recently moved, and the past week I’ve been running around getting all the home necessities for our house, and when I say all, I mean all (our stuff is in transit via sea freight, not to arrive for another two or three weeks, so it’s a start-from-scratch situation). Which brings me to the subject of bathroom accessories. There’s a sad selection on the local suppliers’ shelves. I want more natural materials, not shiny-80s-bachelor-pad crap and definitely not plasticky crud. If it’s on view and not in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at. Hell, even if it’s in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at.

So, check out this toilet brush. Made from birchwood and soft concrete, it’s a nice little thing to do a rather dirty job, which makes that job just a tiny bit better. While semi-expensive at £35, it’s certainly not crazy expensive like the Vipp Toilet Brush ($200). I certainly regret not buying a couple of these before leaving the UK. Also, I found two other completely decent ones (via Remodelista), but they’re also from the UK. Blargh. See below for links.

Purchase Information:

Price: £34.95
Available from: Theo

Izola Soap Dishes

Soap dishes aren’t the most important things, I know, but these caught my eye. The Scout Soap Dish states ‘I PLEDGE TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE, TO BE TRUE AND BRAVE’ which is a rather nice reminder, don’t you think?

Shown above: Scout, Maritime, Apothecary, Powder Room


Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Available from: Izola

Crinkle Tissue Box Cover

If you’re not going to go all out minimal with your tissues (see the Kazan or the Toro Tissue Ring), this cover will make those frightful floral boxes disappear nicely.

Made of durable plastic, this white tissue box cover has a delicate crinkled paper design that adds style to standard tissue boxes (not included).

Made in Germany
Size: 5″ cube

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Availability: Buy Crinkle Tissue Box Cover here