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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Spaceless Wallet

If large, George Costanza-like wallets annoy the hell out of you, you’ll want to check out the Spaceless Wallet. It’s the thinnest wallet available, thanks to a polyimide film called Kapton. That might sound like the name of a neighboring planet of Kripton, but know that it’s used in such things as spacesuits, 3D printers, and flexible electronics and is pretty much indestructible. Pledge $38 to back the project on Kickstarter and you’ll receive one for your very own use.


Purchase Information:

Price: $38.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Three Bag

OMG, you’re thinking, another bag by Konstantin Grcic? Yep, and this one is the last from his designs for Maharam this year, so you can rest easy knowing that there are only the three bags in total. Of course, this particular bag, called the Three, has two sizes, so you could count four different bags in total from Grcic to choose from… sound complicated? It’ll be clear when you look at the full collection of bags over at Maharam’s website. (The Scamp Bag from Jasper Morrison is something to consider as well, don’t you think?)

Purchase Information:

Price: $165.00
Available from: Maharam

Bubble Stool

At first glance, this stool looks oh-so-cozy with its thick knitted wool cover, otherwise it’s just a normal pouf/stool. But wait, is that an air pump? Indeed, it is. The Bubble Stool is filled with air, thus eliminating extra foam or other fillers. So, fill it up when you need it, de-pouf it when you don’t. When deflated, it looks like it could be stored away like a blanket- that gives it extra points for small spaces where storage is at a premium.

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Available from: Dwell Store

Tahir Mahmood’s Mortar & Pestle collection

Ah-ha! Now you know what to get your favorite cook: a mortar & pestle that’s a work of art unto itself. Made of Dalbergia Sissoo wood, each mortar & pestle by Tahir Mahmood is hand shaped using the lathe turning technique. Once formed, each piece is coated with vibrant colors created with a sap-based resin. The collection was inspired by the Punjabi agricultural calendar, and I’d reckon that you’ll have a hard time picking your favorite amongst the eleven designs.

Purchase Information:

Price: $110.00 - 160.00
Available from: Caviar 20

Goldee Light Controller

Want a home of the future? Well, you’ve updated your thermostat, maybe even your smoke alarm, so why not your lights? Goldee is a smart light switch that allows you to control your lights with a wave of your hand, or just set it up to take care of them for you automatically. Goldee can begin your day by turning on your lights softly and turning them off when you leave. Set a sleep timer, and your lights will gradually fade to dark. And, yes, you can also control your lights with a smartphone.

Available for preorder now, with plans to ship next summer. Keep in mind that you’ll need to update your bulbs to Smart LED bulbs, and you’ll need one Goldee Controller per room (not per switch), so it can get pretty expensive if you plan to automate several rooms.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00
Available from: GOLDEE

Audubon Field Guide Series

Just how much do you want the Audubon Field Guide Series? If your answer is anything other than so very much, let’s discuss just what you’re missing. There’s 18 field guides, each one “profusely” illustrated with all the information you ever need when venturing out of doors. Each guide gives you the knowledge you need to navigate the wilderness and is conveniently sized to carry with you in a pocket or backpack. Trees, mammals, fishes, spiders, wildflowers, rocks and minerals, birds, and many more. Available as a set ($299) or individually ($19.95).

Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Available from: Nature Watch

agenda 2014 – For a Better Year

If you need a kick in the pants to make next year better, maybe this agenda by Julie Joliat will be a good fit. Each week gives you a tip or challenge to complete, giving you a little reminder to change things up. Take a day off to do nothing… Bake some walnut bread… Watch a documentary, etc. There’s plenty of room for notes and there’s also useful information that’s bound to come in handy: world maps, conversion tables, monthly planners and the like.

Purchase Information:

Price: €21
Available from: julie joliat

Note Rocket: the Annotation App for iPhone

The following post is sponsored by Note Rocket from Panda Eyed Devs.

With all the photo sharing that happens nowadays, wouldn’t it be handy to just write notes directly on the photo? Sure, it would, and that’s exactly the premise behind Note Rocket. You can write directly on photos, then upload them to social media or send via email. Need to make a note just where that artwork will be hung? No problem. Draw the exact spot on the photo, email it off and leave it to the experts (or your significant other).

Designers and architects, this could be a little bit of a life changer for you, not to mention project managers and professionals in other fields where a visual sometimes says it better than a written brief. You can also add a soundbite if that helps. So, write, sing, or doodle silly faces on your friends, whichever way you use it, your photos will have an extra layer of personalization however you see fit. Available from iTunes for 99 cents (reg. $1.99).

Purchase Information:

Price: $.99
Available from: Panda Eyed Devs

Dux Brass Pencil Sharpener

Do you use pencils? Do you have a plastic pencil sharpener? Pfft. Toss it in the recycling bin, because this one is much better. Made of solid brass, the Dux sharpener is built to last. The weight of it alone would keep it from getting lost/shuffled around with your other desk tools, but there’s no guarantee that it wouldn’t walk away with a coworker, so watch out.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.00
Available from: Kaufmann Mercantile

Cyber Monday Deals

Here’s a few items with a 15% discount happening and/or with free shipping today. Maybe they’ll help you kickstart your holiday shopping, because as we all know it’s better to get that list taken care of sooner rather than later.

1. Vers 2Q Bluetooth Sound System, $199.00 (15% off today only, use code ‘MONDAY15′ at checkout.)

2. Cloak Camera Bag, $40.00 on sale

3. Reclaimed Skateboard Top, $9.00 (Use promo code HEYMONDAY for 15% off)

4. Gum Plus Battery Pack V2, $80.00 (or $64.00 for MoMA members) Free shipping, use code ‘MSHOP’.

5. Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Tablet, $179.00 (Cyber Monday Deal)

6. Black LED Watch by Idea International, $70.00 (15% off today only, use code ‘MONDAY15′ at checkout.)

7. THERM-O Tea/Water Thermos, $29.00 (15% off today only, use code ‘MONDAY15′ at checkout.)

8. Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit: 2014, $25.00 (Use promo code HEYMONDAY for 15% off)

9. iPad Felt and Leather Sleeve from Charbonize, $99.00 (15% off today only, use code ‘MONDAY15′ at checkout.)

10. Alarm Dock by Jonas Damon, $38.00 (15% off today only, use code ‘MONDAY15′ at checkout.)

Mezzo Radio

Who’s this little guy? Designed by Ionna Vautrin for Lexon, this Mezzo Radio is a modern take on vintage radios. Measuring in at 5.5″ long, 3″ wide and 1.5″ deep, it’s a friendly size to tote around, so you’ll have your radio or playlist to keep you company whether you’re working in your kitchen or hanging out at a campsite. A silicone rubber case ensures durability and there’s an output for MP3 players, of course.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Available from: Dwell Store

Cyber Monday Sales

Another Monday, another day full of emails flooding your inbox… but this time you could actually save a few bucks thanks to the big holiday sales. A few deals linked to below for your perusal.

  • 40% off select styles at Saks
  • Free shipping over at DWR
  • Free shipping on orders of $50+ at MoMA Store. Use code MSHOP.
  • 30% on entire order over until 10am PST at belkin
  • 15% off everything at Branch. Use promo code HEYMONDAY.
  • 15% off everything at CB2. Use promo code SAVE15.
  • 50% off outdoor Wallys
  • 15% off over at Design Public. Use promo code SAVEREALLYBIG15.
  • 15% off everything at Modernica through midnight tonight.
  • 15% off at HORNE. Use code *MONDAY15.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here’s hoping to a happy Thanksgiving for everyone… fingers crossed that it’ll be a safe day full of friends, family and/or stuffing ourselves silly. Posts will return as usual on Monday.

    Pictured above:
    Genius: oven mitts attached to your apron. Oven Mitt Apron, $28.00, available from UncommonGoods.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $22.00
    Available from: Uncommon Goods

    Lindsey Adelman Gift Ideas 2013

    Our next wish list is from none other than Lindsey Adelman, maker of wondrous lighting, jewelry, vessels, tiles, and wallpaper. With skill and care, her team of 20 and a small network of local artisans manufacture each piece to order in NYC. Thanks Lindsey for taking the time to send us your list!

    earHero Earphone Kit

    These headphones slide under the radar as far as design aesthetic, and that’s okay, as they win top marks for safety. EarHero headphones lets you listen to your music or phone conversation without blocking ambient noise. Ambient noise just like trucks, cars, and bicycles, all of which could flatten you like a pancake if you’re deaf to warning sounds.


    Purchase Information:

    Price: $149.00
    Available from: earHero Store

    Source: NYTimes