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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Hangman Task Lamp

When a modern lamp has a USB port and costs $150, it’s worth a look. Designed by Studio 1A.M and sold by CB2, this little task light has an inset panel of LEDs for a warm glow and a red woven cord and switch for a primary pop of contrast.

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Available from: CB2

Can Vase

I’m a little in love with this simple vase. It has a series of interchangeable caps that complement the simple receptacle, giving you various options to display your floral arrangements. Or maybe you’d prefer just a vase caps to add to any glass you currently have for a quick modern update? Several designs are available.

Purchase Information:

Price: €110.00
Available from: WSAKE

Incase Campus Backpack

Need a gear upgrade? Backpacks aren’t just for school kids, and Incase proves the point with its Campus design. Now, if you don’t mind a pinky-clay color, it’s on sale over at The Ghostly Store ($34.95!), but if you’d prefer another color ($79.95), take a look over at Incase for the full collection.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.95
Available from: Incase

Index Table

If your coffee table isn’t doing you any favors, maybe this Index Table with its integrated magazine holder will help keep periodicals tidy. A stainless steel frame keeps things slick while the fine leather pouch and wood top warm things up. This is the year you’ll have all that clutter under control, right?

Purchase Information:

Price: $895.00
Available from: DWR

Monthly Measure Perpetual Calendar

It’s back to work for most of us, and let’s ring in the new year by getting your calendar sorted. How about tracking the date with a perpetual calendar that’s also a metric ruler? Sebastian Bergne’s Monthly Measure fulfills both duties with its die-cast star and sawtooth-edged ruler. Placed at one centimeter intervals, the date can be marked by rolling the star along the edge.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: Luminaire

365 Typography Calendar, 2014

Happy New Year! If you’re a typography aficionado, you’ll be glad to hear that the 365 Calendar is back again for 2014. Each month features one typeface (chosen by a prominent designer Stefan Sagmeister, Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, Massimo Vignelli, Michael Vanderbyl, Louise Fili and others, all members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)) and includes a description and biography of the typeface designer. As with previous editions, the major holidays are noted as well as the birthdays of the typeface designers.


Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00 - 47.00
Available from: Studio Hinrichs

Jix Straw Sculpture Connector

Straws! Did you know that with Jix, a modular connector by Patrick Martinez, you can build all sorts of sculptures in a matter of minutes? Not many of us will go to the extent of the environment shown in the picture above, but a table-top sized sphere or a rhombohedron, sure. That imagination needs to be exercised, after all, and maybe even your friends, family, or coworkers will get involved building larger shapes.

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Available from: MODULE R

Scout Door Mat

There are worse things to aspire to than to be true and brave, so if you’re short of new year’s resolutions, this door mat will remind you each and every day to be your best self. ‘Lead by example’ can be your new mantra for 2014.


Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Available from: Izola

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Here’s hoping you’ll have an excellent holiday break, full of good food and fun. We’ll be back with regular posts whenever we feel like it. Enjoy yourself!

Shown above, for next year’s festivities: Infinite Tree, approximate ship date 3/15/2014.

Random Gift Ideas 4

Okay, here’s the last random smattering of gift ideas for you, but you’d best be quick to order anything with overnight shipping as today is really the last day with any chance for something to arrive on/before Christmas.

Friday Links

  • airbnb builds 50 birdhouses modeled after home listings
  • Ha: Minimal Nativity Set.
  • Fleksy, an application that replaces your device’s on–screen keyboard.
  • 10 Pranks for Christmas Morning
  • If you care about taking your very best selfie
  • The Power of Empathy: A Quick Animated Lesson That Can Make You a Better Person
  • The Wolf of Bedford Falls
  • That is all. Enjoy your weekend.

    Random Gift Ideas

    As we’re in the last throes of shopping frenzy, let’s throw some random stuff together and give one last jolt, a therapeutic dose if you will, to your dying interest of finding just the right thing. Don’t give in to the general malaise of oh-this-cheap-pair-of-gloves-will-do, for you, my friend, are better than that (you are reading this site, after all). A thoughtful gift is out there, and some places are even offering free shipping today in time for the 25th.

    Items in these ‘random’ images aren’t even numbered, thus showing you that I’m also pretty tired of the whole gift frenzy, and you’ll have to use your brain to figure out which items match the list. Hint: items are listed from left to right, top to bottom, just like you read a book.

    Random Gift Ideas 2

    More random gift ideas for you…

    Random Gift Ideas 3

    And here’s the last random gift idea list today, more on Monday…

    Arne Jacobsen cups

    Think you can’t afford an Arne Jacobsen piece? Sure, maybe not the furniture, but you can now own… (drum roll) a cup. Who doesn’t want some Bauhaus-inspired typography on their cup of coffee/tea/pencils/pens/miscellany? The letters were originally created by Jacobsen in 1937 for Aarhus City Hall, and now they’ve been revived (with permission) on these porcelain cups. Need I point out this could be a good gift for Jacobsen fans? (No need to go broke- just get two cups with the recipient’s initials if their name is prohibitively long.)


    Purchase Information:

    Price: $21.00
    Available from: Finnish Design Shop