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    Libratone’s Loop Wireless Speaker

    There’s a never ending stream of new wireless speakers, and we’ll all just have to deal with it, whether we’re still searching for the perfect audio experience or have respectfully decided to be happy with what we’ve got. I belong to the latter group, so it’s hard to get too excited by any wireless speaker nowadays, but this Loop Wireless Speaker is slim, round, and has changeable wool covers, which is useful if you’re into switching up your interior design colors every now and then. You can mount it on the wall or position it on a table or bookshelf with its kickstand support. But what are the audio specs, you ask? Follow the link to the retailer, or read some of them below, because there’s a lot of data that’s better left untouched by the likes of (unexcitable) me.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $499.95
    Available from: A+R Store

    Piani Table Lamp

    Perhaps with your keen design eye you’ve guessed that the Bouroullec brothers have something to do with this cute little lamp; you’d be right, of course. With rather petite dimensions and a lower base tray- perfect for those little things like keys and coins- this lamp would do well in an entrance hall or small desk area. And, for what it’s worth, I ended up purchasing a green Piani Lamp for our entrance console, and I am very fond of it. It sheds just the right amount of light for the area. And, if you need further encouragement, the Flos 15% off sale is going on right now, so if you purchase before October 24th, the price is $271.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $319.00
    Available from: Emmo Home

    FIELD Magnifier

    Don’t you dare say you have no need for a magnifier. What about those tiny hairs and freckles on your hand? The intricate markings of your own signature? The fuzzy anthers of a flower? Or the crisp text on that print out sitting on your desk? This heavy bronze magnifier designed by Daniel/Emma (in collaboration with Field) doubles as a paper weight and will keep your curiosity sharp.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $145.00
    Available from: FIELD

    Countdown Clock

    I’m sure there’s not a lot of these in stock, and considering the sale price of $50 (reg.$145.00) it’ll be sold out sooner than you can say ‘how many days until my next vacation’ two hundred times fast. So, how many days until your next vacation? If you had this clock you would know, as it has a specific countdown and a place to note the event. So, no more forgetting that special anniversary, wondering how much time is left to for holiday shopping, etc. The clock can countdown from 999 days and there are 33 different occasions to select.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $49.98
    Available from: MCA Shop

    Axial Mini Messenger

    This bag toes the line between man-purse and messenger bag, and that’s its exact magic. No need to carry a bag bigger than you need, after all, and you just look like a dork when you stuff too much stuff in your pockets. Just in case you had a fleeting thought that involved a belt bag (a.k.a. fanny pack) as a solution, let’s just clear things up: yes, you will get punched in the face if you wear one of those atrocities. The fist may or may not belong to me. So, solve the issue safely and keep your face intact with the Axial from Modern Industry. It’s handmade in San Francisco, California, using 10.10oz Martexin Original Waxed Canvas.


    Purchase Information:

    Price: $125.00
    Available from: Modern Industry


    Spork, knoon, fife, knork. Only two of these things exist as far as I know, and I give you two guesses to pick the other one (other than the Spork, of course). It’s the Knork, as you could probably tell from the title and the picture, and it’s a combination knife/fork. I don’t know how well it works, but you can find out with $5. Could be worth every penny for the novelty, and who knows, you might just simplify your utensil selection after trying it out.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $5.00
    Available from: Knork

    Tilt Oak Ladder

    If you’re in need of a unique storage solution and have some money to spare, the Tilt Oak Ladder by Jack Smith of SmithMatthias is available for purchase, and would serve all manner of purposes in your kitchen, bedroom, or bath. Add a shelf or tray for an extra spot to corral smaller items- think silverware and spices in the kitchen, q-tips and bath creams in the bathroom, jewelry and smaller accessories in the bedroom. And, don’t be shy, move it from room to room on a whim if your storage needs change, as it can lean against any wall.


    Purchase Information:

    Price: $825.00
    Available from: Luminaire

    Rensselaer Single Sconce

    She blinded me with science!“… that song will immediately spring to mind each time you walk by this wall sconce, for how could it not when it’s made from real chemistry lab supplies? And, shall we take a moment to admire how the look may change depending on the finish, cord color, and bulb you choose? Note: you might be a little sick of Edison bulbs, because they seem to be everywhere now, but I think there’s still something very appealing about their soft, candle-like glow and I refuse to be put off by their popularity.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $159.00
    Available from: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

    Clip Clip by HAY

    It’s always smart to have a clip or two on hand. Why? Maybe to keep your shirt closed after pretending to be the Incredible Hulk, or maybe to keep your nose from smelling your coworker (those strong, semi-jagged teeth on the clip’s edge will keep your nostrils shut tight, even when you move around the office! or break into a dance!). Or, maybe, and I know this is crazy, you can use the clip with the spoon attached to keep your coffee bag closed.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: £5.00 - 8.00
    Available from: HAUS

    ‘Errare’ Eraser

    For those days when you really screw up, pick up this eraser and read the notable latin phrase aloud: “Errare humanum est.” That translates into ‘To err is human’ if you hadn’t guessed, and will make you feel just a tiny bit better about whatever mess you made. On a side note, you might as well get several, and give them away one by one to friends/coworkers when they need the same reminder.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: €5.00
    Available from: Atypyk

    Stone Chopping Board

    This looks way too nice to use as a chopping board, doesn’t it? White Morwad marble provides a durable surface for dinner prep and serving while the delicate brass saucer is the perfect spot for dips or other special fare. And, if you like the look of the marble and brass, you’ll want to consider the Stone Spice Grinder (shown below) and Stone Pestle And Mortar by Tom Dixon as well.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $110.00
    Available from: YLiving


    A box is just a box, unless it’s a perfectly square, 17″ box with Rift white oak or walnut veneers and lacquered sides. That kind of box, in this case called the QBS, you can use as an end table, bedside table, or group several together as a coffee/cocktail table. Are you picking up what I’m putting down here? Also available with white lacquer, from MDRN.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $350.00
    Available from: MDRN

    Nest Protect

    Smoke alarms are a far from exciting, and really, most of us forget about them completely until they start chirping because a battery needs to be changed. Well, just as Nest improved the thermostat, they now aim to improve the smoke alarm, with a carbon monoxide alarm thrown in as well.

    The Nest Protect will give you an early warning telling you where the danger might be, and, if it’s a case of burning toast or some other cooking fiasco, you can simply wave your hand to silence the alarm. It can also send a message to your phone if the alarm goes off or if the batteries need replacing. It’s not for sale just yet, but you can reserve one now if you’d like to try it out once it ships at the end of the year.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $129.00
    Available from: Nest

    Little Sun Solar Light

    This little solar-powered LED lamp helps get clean, affordable light to the 1.6 billion people without access to electricity. How so? With every purchase you make, a Little Sun can be sold off-grid at much lower, locally affordable prices. Five hours of charging gives three hours of bright light. Do take a look at the video below or Little Sun’s website for more info.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $25.00
    Available from: Little Sun