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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Herman Miller Sale

This will be the last weekend of the Herman Miller® Sale, so if you want 15% off of ‘specially marked products’ you’d best start browsing. Hivemodern, Room&Board, DWR, and, you guessed it, the Herman Miller Store (along with several other stores I won’t bother to name) are participating, so choose your favorite, find your item and know that you didn’t pay through the nose like the rest of us impatient folks.

Purchase Information:

Price: $568.65 - 781.15
Available from: DWR

Anniversary Wine Box

The joys of the summer wedding season, where your friends and family get together to celebrate the official union of two people in love… are you rolling your eyes yet? Or squirming uncomfortably because there’s a wedding coming up shortly and you’ve no idea what to get the happy couple?

Never fear, for the wine box is here. Buy the box, fill it with a few bottles of nice wine (make sure the ten year one will actually taste good in ten years) and call it a day. Bam! Guess who just gave a really thoughtful gift? That’s right, you did. You can also customize a message on the inside of the box to further emphasize your awesomeness.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.00
Available from: wineforawedding

Plush Bed

It’s not my job to save you money (or is it?), but if you’re looking for a decently priced (and minimal/modern) bed, you might just want to take a gander at the Plush. You can save a couple of hundred dollars- until June 9- on either the grey or natural color options, leaving you a little extra money to splurge on, say, perhaps some new summer bed linens?

Purchase Information:

Price: $629.00 - 699.00
Available from: CB2

Timbre Amplifier

Chances are you’d prefer no additional cords or wires on your desk, and hey, wouldn’t it be nice to have a small, passive amplifier for your iPhone? I know you were just thinking that exact same thought, and that’s why you’d do well to pay attention to this little guy. The Timbre is a wooden amplifier that boosts the sound of your phone by up to 20 decibels. No cords, no battery, and it’s small enough to throw in your bag if you’re on the go. (Father’s Day gift, anyone?)

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Available from: ideacious

The Reverse-Denim Weekender

I don’t need any more weekend bags, but man, am I tempted by this one from Everlane. At $95, it’s just enough of an ‘affordable’ choice that it has me thinking my luggage needs an overhaul, and the reverse denim version with leather details is mighty easy on the eyes. And, if you don’t want to wait the week and half until this one ships, check out the other color options below.

Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Available from: Everlane

Side Box

It’s a box. It doesn’t have a charging station, it won’t organize your emails, it’s just a side table with storage to display books and such. It will last though, thanks to solid wood construction with those oh-so-smart dovetail joints, and ease into any design scheme you have for your home, because, after all, it’s a box, and that’s as simple as you can get when it comes to side tables. Use it as a low surface at 11.75″ high or turn it on its side to use at 16″ tall.


Purchase Information:

Price: $199.00
Available from: The Utility Collective

Braided Stools

Furniture is rarely ‘fun’ with a capital F, but there’s not many words more appropriate to describe these Braided Stools by Debra Folz. Each stool is CNC cut to accommodate traditional leather weaving techniques, and the result is a fresh take on textural adornment. Choose between 6 available leather colors (may be combined in the case of the bi-color bench as shown above) and three different woods.

Purchase Information:

Price: $650.00 - 1,150.00
Available from: Debra Folz

Citybook S

Oh, you Italians, you’ll not need to shell out additional cash for shipping, but the rest of us will, for this modular bookcase seems to be calling out our collective name. Linked together by small magnets, each Citybook House (€76.00) can be oriented roof side up, down, left, or right, giving you multiple options for the overall design. Purchase bases and modules separately or choose from the proposed compositions.

Purchase Information:

Price: €1,020.00
Available from: Mr. Less & Mrs. More

Infinite Resonance Notebooks

Another item in MoMA Store’s Destination NYC collection is this notebook by Brooklyn-based designer Bari Schlosser. The pattern is “inspired by a deep hypnotic state”- that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? And who doesn’t appreciate lovely patterns hand silk-screen printed on sustainable resources anyhow?

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Beautiful Insights Storage Boxes

This goes to prove that a storage box can be an objet d’art, as I want a few of these just to look at and admire, forget about their function. Place one on its own in the room of your choice for specific storage needs, or stack several for a ‘miniature-home’ look. Be sure to take a look at the whole collection, as there are quite a few gems (besides my favorite, the Secretary, there’s the Housewife, Handyman, Woman in Bath, and Gallery Owner).

Purchase Information:

Price: €19.50 - 35.00
Available from: I/OBJECT

Cast 1 Light Pendant Light

Another folded paper lamp, yawn… but wait, it’s not paper, it’s ceramic! Which means it’ll break if you drop it, so don’t. The patterned surface will lend just enough texture to a room and you’ll get the nice, even glow you’d expect from a ceramic shade. And, the size is just right for a small breakfast nook, or maybe even beside the bed suspended above the nightstand.

Purchase Information:

Price: $260.00
Available from: YLighting

Page Markers by The Food Guide

You might think you have no use for wooden page markers, but then you’ll find yourself fumbling through a cookbook other other miscellaneous manual mumbling expletives because you can’t find that certain page, and the bookmark/flag you had put there weeks ago somehow fell out. That’s when you’ll remember these wooden tabs. 8 page markers in each pack, available in a Salt Stripes or Color. There’s also wooden stickers (for herbs and spices) if you want to go label crazy.

Purchase Information:

Price: £5.99
Available from: The Food Guide

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

As Father’s Day is around the corner (June 16- that’s next weekend) it’s time to start thinking of an appropriate gift. Maybe your father figure likes well designed objects, and if so, maybe he’ll like one of these items below. And, remember we’ve got items tagged by price in our Gifts section to help with your search.

1. SunCloud SolarPowered SelfGenerating Digital Camera, $199.00

2. Balance Pen and Stylus, $26.00

3. A set of 6 Custom Brass Collar Stays with oak case, $65.00

4. Icon™ Whisky Stones, $14.00

5. Ghurka Leather Folding Snap Tray , $150.00

6. Helios Grill Set, $125.00

Fathers Day

7. Star Spangled Spatula, $65.00

8. PS Yo-Yo in black, $12.00

9. Custom Black Luggage Tags, $81.00

10. Everyday Carry Brass Compass, $29.95

11. European-Made Leather Jump Rope, $34.95

12. Geneva WorldRadio, $299.95

TRAE Fire Pit

Hmm, what’s the price of this very affordable fire pit? $300?! Compared to the Loll Fire Ring or, my personal favorite, the Geometric Firepit, that’s a sight for a sore wallet. It has somewhat petite dimensions, but the space below keeps extra logs handy and dry- two important bonus points when it’s chilly out and you want to stay close to the nice, warm fire.

Purchase Information:

Price: $300.00
Available from: vuur

Tubelor Grande

Quick, what is it? Hint: it’s very similar to another item from Ideaco with ‘Tubelor’ in its name, except this one is rectangular. Answer below.

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Available from: Leibal