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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Customizable Neon Signs

What to do when your name falls from the top spot on your friends’ ‘effing-coolest-person-I-know’ list? Here’s what: don’t fret. Take off whatever ‘on trend’ accessory you’re wearing, and put down that bottle of bourbon. You don’t need to order the Digital Edition of Tracey Emin’s I Listen To The Ocean And All I Hear Is You to placate your loneliness, though you can if you want. Or, simply order a custom neon sign with an appropriately meta phrase and then sit back and reflect on the journey thus far. Those finicky friends will come knocking once the glow of the light filters through the windows as they walk past, and they’ll know that you know what’s up.

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.00 per letter
Available from: Michele Varian

LAX 4×2 Bookcase

Do you know how annoying it is when books topple over for lack of bookends? Good, because that saves me from explaining why integrated dividers in a shelving system are a sanity saver. This particular bookcase in the LAXseries gets high points for its spare, simple lines and the natural finish on the solid English walnut wood.

Purchase Information:

Price: $888.00
Available from: HORNE

The Floyd Leg

This is so smart I can hardly stand it. The Floyd Leg combines a table leg with a clamp- add four legs to any flat surface and you’ve got a table. Simple concept, yes, but a fine execution. There’s only 9 days to go before the campaign closes- take a look if you’re interested: The Floyd Leg on Kickstarter.

Purchase Information:

Price: $189.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Intersect Valet

Here’s yet another option for your entryway landing spot: a set of three brass hooks with a six inch square shelf. The small shelf and span of just three hooks ensures that only the essentials are kept (your phone and/or wallet, plus a bag, scarf, and coat). Let’s hope that will help all the other stuff that we carry around on our bodies get tucked away in their correct spots- away from the door.

Purchase Information:

Price: $148.00
Available from: Leibal

Boh Blanket

What do we need when the temperature drops? A hot cup of tea, a good book, and a wool blanket will do just fine, thank you very much. And, if that wool blanket has a nice skewed stripe design and is made from 100% lambs wool, well, that just makes things perfect. Available in black/gray, red, or bottle green, from Merchant No. 4 or directly from the designer, Forestry, for €129.

Purchase Information:

Price: $178.00
Available from: Merchant No. 4

Swivel Work Stool

If you prefer your bar seating to have a little more character, you’ll not want to ignore the Swivel Work Stool by Unionmade. Designed after vintage industrial stools, the heavy steel frame is powdercoated in Reed Green and supports a walnut swivel seat. If you’re not too fond of the color, the Fixed Work Stool in Pewter is a good alternative.

Purchase Information:

Price: $425.00
Available from: Unionmade

Twin Beds

Some friends of mine have asked for help in finding acceptable twin beds for their children, so I sat down and combed through a few retailers to find some good possibilities. Just in case you’re in the same boat, here are a few of my recent bookmarks. In most cases, fabrics and colors may be customized, and, in some cases, trundles added, so click on the retail links to see all the options.


The only unfortunate thing about this coathanger/mirror is that it’s not yet available in the U.S.; the rest of its attributes place it in firmly in the ‘must have’ category for anyone fond of minimalism. This Hall-in-One birch board has a slim pocket, a mirror, and felt coat and/or key hangers across the bottom edge. It’s the perfect perch for your coat, keys, and other sundries right beside your main entry door. And, if you need more surface area to store your personal miscellany, do take a look at the Coatboard, €479, also by Dimitri Cassiers and available through Mookum.

Purchase Information:

Price: €109.00
Available from: Mookum

Kids ErgoErgo

You’ve seen the ErgoErgo Stool*, haven’t you? Now little ones have their own version: the Kids ErgoErgo. Active sitting encourages ‘micro-movements’ and that means increased concentration- and we all know that kids could use a little more of that at home or in school. With six colors to choose from, kids can pick their favorite hue or mix it up with several different ones around a small table.

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Available from: ErgoErgo

Apis vs. Gus Modern Wireframe

Here’s a little wireframe rivalry for you: which do you like better, the top or bottom coffee table? One costs $349 and the other just over $800. You can probably use your head to figure out which one’s which, but here’s the info just in case you lack the brain power:

Purchase Information:

Price: $349.00 / 807.50
Availability: Buy Apis vs. Gus Modern Wireframe here

Friday Links

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  • What the what. Self-repairing trainers 3D-printed from biological cells by Shamees Aden
  • Prefab cool/cuteness: Mini Mod by MAPA (via Plastolux)
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    Enjoy your weekend.

    FiLIP Smart Locator

    You might have seen this on the last Friday Links, but, if not, here’s a better picture of what it is and does. The FiLIP is a smart locator and phone, primarily for children aged between 5 and 11, that can be worn on the wrist. Phone calls can be made to and from up to five trusted people and you’ll be able to see the location of your child indoors and out. There’s also an Intelligent Emergency feature so that kids may get in touch when a situation gets serious. An app on your smartphone controls everything- contacts, location data, etc. It’s a great alternative to getting a young child their own cell phone, don’t you think? Learn more over at FiLIP.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $199.00 + 10.00/m
    Available from: FiLIP

    1.5.1 Ray : Long and Large Board

    With an angular profile and etched lines, this is one fancy serving board. ‘Fancy’ as in, really nice and impressive, and sure to raise your cheese and charcuterie spread to a higher level. Beveled edges give an easier grasp when picking up or setting down. Available in two sizes.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $130.00 - 150.00
    Available from: OnOurTable

    Solid Copper Flask

    Need a new home for your happy juice? How about a handcrafted, pure solid copper flask? It will patina with use, so as you age, it will too. And if that makes you sad, don’t you worry: if you prefer to keep it polished, just use a mixture of ketchup (yes, ketchup) and coarse salt to bring back the shine. I see this as a perfect gift for a special event like the birth of a newborn (for the parents), a big promotion, or a silver or golden anniversary- be sure to attach an applicable quote, of course, so that your gift is received in the right light.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $215.00
    Available from: Surname

    Lineage Dining Table

    A recent search for a new dining table for my own home revealed a lack of current options here on BLTD, so, in order to fix that, you’ll be seeing a few more tables featured here in the very near future. If you’re also in the market for a dining table, and your budget is quite happy with somewhere around the one grand price point, this Lineage Dining Table could be a good fit. Designed by Italian design team (and available from CB2), the Lineage Table is composed of sustainable acacia wood cut in a dramatic oval with angled antiqued iron legs for a sculptural metal base. Seats up to 10.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $999.00
    Available from: CB2