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Articles Written by Katie


About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Orée Wireless Wood Keyboard

Is that a wood keyboard you see? Yes, indeed it is. And why do you need the Orée Wireless Wood Keyboard? For the warmth or for the novelty, you pick. It’s completely wireless and connects via Bluetooth with up to 5 devices. Notice that the wood grain matches on all the keys- nice, right? Pick from three different fonts and two different woods, and also be sure to check out the multi touch wood trackpad and numerical keyboard ($190) as well, as it would make a nice companion piece.

Purchase Information:

Price: $190.00
Available from: Design Boom Shop

Aelfie Rugs

Once again, here’s a bunch of geometric rugs that are impossible to choose between. I’m sure you’ll be able to pick your favorite, but I’m having a hard time deciding which pattern is most pleasing. The black, grey, and white Olivia Rug? The blue Maimana Rug? The Saskia Rug? Ugh, choices…choices.

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.00 +
Available from: Aelfie

Folkform Bookend for Skultuna

Your best books deserve nice bookends, dammit. Cheap bookends are just plain cheap, and they do nothing to show that you care about your precious tomes. That’s why you’re seeing these polished brass Folkform Bookends, as they are very sleek and very fancy, and will elevate any shelf to the same standard as your high-brow literature.

Purchase Information:

Price: $165.00 - 205.00
Available from: Simon James

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Have a great weekend.

Hako Portable Bath Tissue Holder

Okay, any guesses as to what this handled container is for? You know it’s tissue if you read the title, but don’t go thinking it’s just for the bathroom. I have yet to see a box of facial tissues that are available in a nondescript design, so this holder would provide an excellent container that’s pleasant to look at and very easy to carry around the house with a runny nose. Of course, it would work in a bathroom as well, especially if you prefer organic shapes and colors to chrome toilet paper holders.

Purchase Information:

Price: $36.00
Available from: Luminaire

Emotional Baggage Tote from The School of Life

Yes, you carry around emotional baggage, but at least you’re honest about it. As The School of Life says, “Everyone has it; the trick is to carry it elegantly.” Put your issues out in the open (along with your educational approach to mental health) with this heavy-duty canvas tote. No one will accuse you of hiding your less-than-appealing hang-ups, that’s for sure. Also, if the tote resonates with you, do check out their Psycho Box, which includes the tote along with a ‘How to Stay Sane’ guide, Nietzsche & Freud Notebooks, and Psychoanalytic Pencils.

Purchase Information:

Price: £35.00
Available from: The School of Life

Notion Sensor

Another monitoring gadget is here, and you just might want to try it out. The Notion Sensor can do a whole bunch of things. Place it on a door or window to know who’s coming and going, put it in a room that requires a certain temperature, or get an alert the moment there’s a water leak or smoke alarm. Stick a sensor at the place of concern, pair to the included Bridge, and then use the App to see the current status and receive alerts. You may need several sensors if you have lots of things you want monitored, but that may be worthwhile for your own peace of mind.

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.00
Available from: Notion

Clippa Mini Tools Clip

Okay, seeing as anything decent gadget-wise makes it onto our pages, it would seem silly to eliminate this Clippa purely because it takes the shape of a hair clip I don’t like. Besides, maybe you do like the hair clip I’m referencing, and therefore you love the idea of a clip that incorporates screwdrivers, a ruler, a cutter, a bottle opener, and a 5/16 wrench all in the petite size of 6 x 2.4cm. Choose between the Clippa Blackfin (which has the bottle opener feature), the pink Clippa Lady (not shown), and the original stainless steel Clippa.

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.99
Available from: Animi Causa

Cloud Rugs by Haptic Lab

Haptic Lab has Cloud Rugs, what more do you need to know? They’re flat-woven, 100% wool rugs, with a subtle fade from an intense red to a light peach hue or from a deep violet to a light blue. The organic cloud shapes form a striking pattern that will hopefully bring to mind peaceful skies or bold inspiration, whichever you prefer.

Purchase Information:

Price: $319.00 - 599.00
Available from: Haptic Lab

Groove Marble Trivet

Nice! The Groove Trivet from Hallgeir Homstvedt and Muuto meet three essentials: it’s functional, pretty, and affordable. Protect your tabletop and enjoy the etched marble surface as a textured material to contrast with other surfaces. As Muuto (or the retailer) says, “get into the groove!”

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Available from: A+R Store

Duo Hanger from Good Thing

It’s August, I know, but aren’t you looking forward to fall? Crisp, cool weather means wool coats and cashmere scarves and other warm, wonderful things. But, don’t go pulling out your favorite winter sweaters without considering these Duo Hangers from good thing. They have a slender piece of cedar right on the hanger’s aluminum body to naturally repel insects, so your garments will have a subtle fresh scent and no annoying moth holes.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00
Available from: good thing

The Fly Pry – Titanium Multi Tool

This little tool is about the size of a zipper pull, and can you guess what it does? Sure, it’s a bottle opener, but it can also be used as a can opener, small pry bar, hex bit adapter, box opener, and a hook screw driver. Attach it to your keychain or as a zipper pull to a jacket or bag and you’ll have the smallest multi tool at the ready whenever you should need it.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Available from: Kickstarter

One Off Goods by Dino Sanchez

You’re super picky, so one-of-a-kind leather accessories might just suit your style. Dino Sanchez offers a small collection of individually made items- no two pieces will be alike. Laptop sleeves, wallets, key fobs, take your pick, and know that your item will be distinct.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00 - 285.00
Available from: Dino Sanchez

Mukou Umbrella Stand

I know, it’s not really the rainy season where most of us live, but it is somewhere in the world, so let’s just say it’s entirely appropriate to feature a very minimal umbrella stand right this very second. It’s a half cylinder, so it will hug the wall and keep your entryway super sleek. Small spaces will love it. No tripping hazard, either, though you might not need that pointed out unless you’re a big klutz. Another plus? A perforated back will reduce dampness.

Purchase Information:

Price: AUD149.00
Available from: The Minimalist

Pyramid Key Box

Are you often misplacing keys? Get the Pyramid Key Box and keep them there. Closed, the box has a sculptural surface of thirty small, birch pyramids. Open it up and you’ll see six pegs for all your key rings, safely stored and organized. No more lost keys, hooray!

Purchase Information:

Price: $72.00
Available from: Dwell Store