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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Friday Links

  • Wind Drawings by Cameron Robbins
  • Photojojo’s Disposable Camera App (1 Camera = 27 prints for $12.99)
  • Fuck Yeah Humanity
  • RunKeeper and Mapbox collaborated to visualize 1.5 million of their users’ public runs, walks, and bike rides
  • How to Be Emotionally Intelligent
  • Furniture designers/makers: Steam Wood with a plastic bag!
  • Felix Cid’s images of macro electronic music festivals
  • Library Card Socks (via thisisnthappiness)
    As usual, enjoy your weekend.

    Canyon Book Display

    What, you’re just going to put your expensive art books on the coffee table? When you could display them proudly on a very specific Canyon Book Display? Are you crazy or something? Coil + Drift fashioned this book stand from bright Portland cement and finely finished walnut. Set your prized possessions on their sides or leave one large book open to a particularly impressive page.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $380.00
    Available from: Coil + Drift

    Talk the Talk Shoe Horn

    You might talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? And, if you’re not thinking about your integrity and instead you’re wondering who the hell uses a shoe horn, you need better shoes (at least one pair, come on, grow up). This brass shoe horn will last probably longer than you, so it’s a sound investment should you ever need assistance in putting on your nice shoes without ruining them.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $24.00
    Available from: Izola

    Diagonals Girard Wool Blanket by Vitra

    A trippy, two-toned pattern blanket is just what you need, right? Alexander Girard is known for his brightly patterned pieces, and now you’re able to wrap yourself up tight in this black and white (and slightly frantic?) design to ward off the chill. Made of Merino lamb’s wool, it’s lightweight, fine, and soft, and will complement any color scheme.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $485.00
    Available from: Vertigo Home

    Patinated Brass Vanity Box

    At first glance, you might think this is a very, very nice cooking pot, but, no, it’s a vanity/jewelry box. Paris-based designer Lee West has a collection of objects produced at the Carl Auböck workshops, and they all have the same sort of quality and elegance of Auböck’s original works. This particular box is patinated on the outside, with a contrasting brushed brass interior. A mirror is encased within the lid, providing a hand mirror whenever you should need it.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $380.00
    Available from: Merchant No. 4

    Feather Pillowcases by Kiki Smith

    Maybe you can’t afford an original piece of art by Kiki Smith, but you can probably set aside $80 for pillowcases… if you really, really like Smith’s work, that is (it’s not for everyone*). The pillowcases are standard-sized, and features her drawings of screen-printed feathers and embroidered stars.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $80.00
    Available from: Artware Editions

    Mini Container

    What would you store in a Mini Container? That’s entirely your business, and we’d probably prefer not to know, thank you very much. However, should you need suggestions, you could use it for paperclips, matches, coins, and other tiny things that find themselves without a home. From the lovely duo DANIEL EMMA in collaboration with good thing.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $26.00
    Available from: good thing

    Palo Corner Sofa Right Blue

    Hmm, here’s something new on the radar. Not only does this sectional sofa possess the clean lines and modern form that we’re all after, it also can be rearranged as you see fit. Cushions and armrests may be moved (with the struts) to create different combinations. So, maybe you’ll get the Palo Corner Sofa Right in Blue (shown above), or maybe you prefer the smaller Two Seater in Grey (below) with the Ottoman to keep it company. Either way, there’s a certain satisfaction knowing you can mix things up in the future by adding or moving certain pieces around to fit your space.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $2,599.00
    Available from: Hem

    Tool The Bookworm

    I know, you rarely have time for books, and even then it’s safe to say you’re likely to pick up a Kindle or iPad instead of a paperback or hardcover. However, on that rare occasion you do read a book, it’d be nice to have a bookmark made of a digitally etched sheet of golden brass, wouldn’t it? Tom Dixon brings us Tool the Bookworm, a collection of metal bookmarks in curious shapes, all of which would be quite at home in any of your favorite books.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $16.50
    Available from: A+R Store

    Serving Trays by Urbancase

    No serving trays? Good, because now you have an excuse to buy one or two of Darin Montgomery’s Serving Trays. Made from FSC certified solid domestic maple, each tray is hand finished with food safe oil/wax. Subtle curved edges provide a functional handle while also adding to the beauty of the simple design. Your tea (or snack) time just became more special.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: CAD75.00 - 215.00
    Available from: The Modern Shop

    Stone Shelf

    If you don’t need a small-ish shelf, then good for you. For the rest of us, we could probably use a small perch to set our phone and/or keys when we walk in the door, or as a diminutive ledge for the bathroom or bedside for our watches and jewelry. This one from Fort Standard is made of marble, which adds an extra ounce (or ounces, as the case may be) of luxury.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $275.00
    Available from: Fort Standard

    Constellation Tea Towels

    Tea towels are so much better than paper towels, at least for the simple spills in the kitchen. It’s a smart way to save a little money over time and reduce waste, and they’re also much nicer to see and use, as shown by the Constellation Tea Towels made Holly Muller in Portland, Oregon. Constellations + tea towels = yes. (And 40% off today only from the retailer!)

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $18.00
    Available from: Magpie & Rye

    Exacto Series by Karl Zahn

    Do you use an Exacto blade? If so, you can now trick it out to be a fork… or a butter or cheese knife, if that better suits your usual lunch fare. Karl Zahn has created the Exacto Series for Shop Cooper Hewitt (in conjunction with “Tools: Extending our Reach”), and now you can be prepared with your very own set of semi-clean utensils at your work area, at any time- such convenience!*

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $7.00 - 35.00
    Available from: Shop Cooper Hewitt

    Friday Links

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  • Black Diamonds
  • Architect Antonin Ziegler added a blackened timber reading room to an old stone house in Senneville-sur-Fécamp
  • Enjoy your weekend.

    Architect Antonin Ziegler- blackened timber reading room

    Passenger: A Rolltop Duffel

    Another duffel? Yeah, well, we all know how you go to the gym every single day (right?) and need a perfect place to keep your gear, or the way you’re always setting off for a weekend trip and need a simple bag to stash your oh-so-cool outfits. Bags are a very personal sort of thing and little details matter, so you might not have found the perfect one yet. However, you’ll have to add this one to your list, as it has an expandable rolltop design so it will fit the occasion, big or small. Two accessory pockets and a storable shoulder strap make it more functional, while leather wrapped handles up the ante in the looks department.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $195.00
    Available from: Modern Industry