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Daniel Emma’s Gift Ideas

The next Gift Idea/Wish list is from Daniel To and Emma Aiston of Daniel Emma. They’ve designed several covetable desk objects and accessories, many of which are on my own personal wish list. Thanks Daniel and Emma for sharing your lists!

Form Tea Set

Tea, anyone? Look like a grown up with this very proper, polished brass tea set by Tom Dixon. Rounded shapes made from spun brass are polished and then dipped in a warm gold wash to give each piece a subtle matte surface. The six-piece set includes a Tea Caddy, Jug, Milk Jug, Sugar Dish & Spoon and Tray (links & prices below).

Purchase Information:

Price: $85.00 - 210.00
Available from: YLiving

Tab Notebooks

Organize your projects, thoughts, recipes, dreams, or whatever else needs sorting with this set of 4 notebooks shaped with tabs. Nothing particularly fancy about tabs per se, yet when in a stack, labels are easily read and individual notebooks are easily found, meaning you’ll be a little more efficient than before. Inner tabs can also label further subcategories if needed.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Available from: suckUK

Flip Around Stool/Table

Don’t choose between a stool or a table- have both with the Flip Around. For use as a stool, the table’s top post handle fits into the base for secure seating; for use as a catchall table top, simply flip the top over to utilize its curved lip to keep contents in their place. The top piece can also be used as a tray to carry things back and forth between rooms. Three functions in one piece is a win/win/win situation.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.95
Available from: YLiving


Why have a shutter remote when you could just use your phone? That’s the idea behind the Triggertrap, a sync cord that triggers your camera’s shutter with motion, sound, and many other modes. Set for time-lapse, distance-lapse, face detection, and more. Oh, the fun to be had this holiday season with the Triggertrap. All you need is the sync cord and the (free) app.

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Photojojo

58′ N Salt and Pepper Shakers

Porcelain paired with cork. It’s such a lovely contrast in materials that makes for a pleasing look as well as a comfortable grip. Should you wish to upgrade your own salt & pepper shakers, note that this pair from Normann Copenhagen is on sale and discontinued, so best act fast if you think they’re a good fit for your tabletop.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Available from: YLiving

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  • Jessica Harrison (be sure to check out the Skin pieces)
    Have a splendiferous weekend. Maybe do some of what these kids are doing in the pic below.

    Stitched Star Chart

    What’s the best gift: a plane ticket to the Caribbean or a hand-stitched Star Chart showing the overhead sky for any date, time, and location? As if you even need to think twice about that answer. Possible jet lag. Sunburn. Getting your wallet stolen, plus that crappy hotel that looked nice on their website. Yeah, that all sounds like a barrel of laughs and lots of warm memories. The Star Chart will last decades, and shows the recipient that you remembered their birthday, anniversary, their first child, etc. You’ll win big points, trust me.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $425.00
    Available from: The Made Shop

    Wine Preserver Bottle

    I rarely open a bottle of wine without finishing it, but that’s because I’ve got someone with a hollow leg to share it with me. However, a nice bottle of wine sometimes deserves to be enjoyed over a few nights, and this Wine Preserver Bottle will provide an air tight seal to lock in flavors for up to a week.

    After you pour in your wine, you drop the float on top to create the seal, thus protecting your precious wine from that pesky oxygen. And, when it’s time to pour the wine into your glass, remove the spill-proof lid, tip the bottle and the float automatically adjusts to the pouring angle.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $50.00
    Available from: Uncommon Goods

    Plunk Desk

    Standing is better than sitting, blah, blah, blah… you’ve heard all about it, but you’re not about to change out your favorite desk for some kind of wonky contraption that screws up your whole nicely-designed-house/office vibe. Plus, you work from lots of different places, so it might not even make much of a difference anyways. Am I right?

    Well, that’s just where the Plunk Desk fits in. It’s a portable, adjustable standing desk handcrafted from wood and aluminum, and, it fits into a custom bag for easy transport. Currently a Kickstarter project, you can pledge $395 to get the Plunk Desk at $100 off the retail price.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $395.00
    Available from: Kickstarter

    DISH Plate Series

    Just for fun, let’s take a look at the DISH Plate Series by the Patella Brothers. Each trompe l’oei design has a strange sort of narrative, and for that very reason I think most of us would vote to hang these plates on the wall as art rather than use them day in and day out. However, if you’d like your food to be presented alongside insects and other odd things, food-safe ink is used and each plate is dishwasher safe.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $95.00
    Available from: Artware Editions

    Savannah Project

    I spy with my little eye two shipping containers. Can you see them? There are two, each one offset with the other with a raised ceiling area in between. It’s more proof that container building can be done well, and there’s no need to sacrifice spaciousness if you keep your roof situation creative. Take a look at the photo below to get an idea of the outside, or visit PSP for more images. The Savannah Project is by artist/architect/designer, Julio Garcia.

    More information:

    View Savannah Project here

    Gregory Buntain Gift Ideas

    The first of our holiday gift guides is shared by Gregory Buntain, Co-Founder & Design Director of Fort Standard. Since beginning in 2011, Fort Standard has launched their own line of furniture, home goods and a women’s jewelry brand called Clermont. FS also designs for other brands and manufacturers such as lighting for Roll & Hill, bone china for 1882 and home goods for SCP and Areaware. Below you’ll find a few items Gregory would like to receive this year, plus a couple of items from Fort Standard that he’d recommend giving…

    1. Shade Cap, $26.00

    2. Timeless Horn Sunglasses, € 134

    3. Standing Bowl, $84.00

    4. Crest Bottle Opener, $60.00

    5. Crewneck, $92.00

    Gregory Buntain Gift Ideas

    6. Farm Ruck Sack, $165.00

    7. Pen Pot, $80.00

    8. The Napsack, $130.00

    9. Stutterheim Raincoat, $368.00

    Thank you Gregory for sharing your list!


    008 Atlantico Low Chest

    Here’s another piece to add to your ‘when-I-have-an-extra-$4500-to-spend’ list. This chest from Atlantico (aka De La Espada) smacks of high quality, from the solid planks of wood that make its top, base, panels, and sides all the way down to its lovely slender legs. Mortise and tenon joints plus dovetail joinery tick off two other quality points, and rest assured that attention to detail means seamless connections. Choose between American Black Walnut or American White Oak.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $4,555.00
    Available from:

    Lichtbloem DIY Light

    A small, LED light that you put together yourself is just what you need to bolster your construction confidence. A ping pong ball, optical fibers, a battery, and clothespin all come in this Lichtbloem DIY kit, and after a few minutes of assembly, this little light of yours will shine for all to see. Should you feel the need to brag about making it yourself, do limit your chest puffing to those who aren’t particularly handy, as it’s really easy to assemble.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $27.50
    Available from: coens

    Source: moddea