‘Why Not’ ‘You Are’ and ‘Since When’ Pillow by Inhabit Living


If you’re the type of person that enjoys an inspirational kick in the pants every now and then, maybe one of these pillows is for you. Don’t worry though, after a while you’ll get used to the large text and i-can-change-the-world-feeling and you’ll go back to being the same ol’ you*.

Why Not Pillow (shown in Scarlet and Soy), $60.00,
Buy it here.
You Are Pillow (shown in Scarlet and Chocolate), $60.00,
Buy it here.
Since When Pillow (Shown in Cornflower), $60.00,
Buy it here.

*that all your friends know and love, of course. I just had to throw in some cynicism for good measure.


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