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Now you can be really, truly lazy, because Switchmate automates your standard light switch, no screwdrivers required. Snap Switchman over your existing switch, pair it with your smartphone, and then turn your lights on and off without ever leaving the sofa. When you do eventually leave the house, you can turn on your lights before you arrive home, thus avoiding any dark entryways (and potential tripping hazards). It’s held on by magnets, so it’s just about the easiest installation you’ll ever have, and, if you’re a renter, you can simply snap off your Switchmates to take them with you when you move.

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Available from: Indiegogo

WeMo Light Switch

And, now, ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon a Wi-FiĀ® enabled light switch. It’s by the same company as the WeMo Switch (makes a lot of sense) and it allows you to turn lights on and off from anywhere. Maybe you’re on the other side of the house or maybe you’re in another country, either way, you can control your lights remotely with a Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You can also program your lights for specified times, as in on at sunset and off at sunrise, which would be especially helpful for certain areas like your front door. And, if you’re not afraid of a little DIY, you can easily replace your regular light switch with the WeMo; there’s an installation video to guide you along.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.99
Available from: Belkin

WeMo Switch

It’s about time. The WeMo Switch allows you to turn electronics on or off from anywhere. A lamp, a heater, a toaster, whatever, as long as it’s plugged into the WeMo Switch, you can use the WeMo app to control it. You’ll need your iPhone and your home Wi-Fi/mobile internet to make this magic happen, but what magic it would be to put your entire house on a schedule and save time (and maybe even some money). Have the lights on when you come home, or use the motion sensor (+$50) to have a light go on when you pass by. So many options…

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.99
Available from: Belkin

Light Switch by Tobias Wong

I was actually looking for something like this recently because I read before I go to bed and then I’m too tired to turn off the light–you know the story–and when I finally get up to turn the light out, it wakes me up a little then I can’t go to bed.

I think we’ve all seen this before, but I had sort of forgotten about it because maybe it was only a concept piece before? I can’t recall. But in any case, it’s available now.

“Another “instant” classic from Tobias Wong. Melding wit with functionality, this wireless light switch can control any light fixture (or any electrical device) within 100 feet. Attach the remote component to the fixture of your choice and simply “flip the switch”.”

Open edition in Chrome and a Limited Edition of 500 in 14k Gold.

Or, as one of our faithful readers wrote in, you can get one of these as an alternative.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150
Availability: Buy Light Switch by Tobias Wong here

INSTEON SwitchLinc Relay Countdown Timer

This would be handy to have in certain rooms like closets or pantries, or anywhere else where you find that you forget to turn the lights off.

“Press the paddle top to turn on the switch and activate the built-in timer, which will automatically turn the light off in 15 minutes. Tap the paddle top again, and the light will stay on for 1 hour. Each additional tap will add another hour to the timer, up to a maximum of 24 hours. If you would like the SwitchLinc Timer to act like a standard switch, press and hold the paddle top for about 2 seconds, and it will stay on until you turn it off.”

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.99
Availability: Buy INSTEON SwitchLinc Relay Countdown Timer here

on/off switch by tobias wong

Ever since I’ve been completely unable to track down the Tobias Wong Screen Saver that I ordered and never received, I must admit that I’m getting a little obsessed with Tobias Wong. Maybe it created this (false?) sense of urgency for his designs. So anyway, I’m sure you’ve seen this around but now I feel compelled to post it just incase they evaporate too. Get em while they’re hot!

designed by tobias wong for conduit group, the on/off switch is a remote switch for a light. keep it by your chair for emergencies. control your environment a bit more closely.
100 ft range. lucite box with magnetic snaps.

“the conduit group attempts to define and promote new american design. rather than create the next big thing, conduit seeks to provide and promote products that seek additional interactions between the designer, product, and consumer. what design should be about.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $125
Available from: Unica Home