Tribeca Franklin Chandelier

A little brass, a dash of branch-like design… put them together and it’s enough to make you want to assemble your own Adelman Chandelier. However, if putting together a semi-complicated light isn’t your thing, then, not to worry, Søren Rose Studio will hook you up with the Tribeca series, or, more specifically, the Tribeca Franklin Chandelier. Retro-chic? Certainly. A lighting statement? Most definitely. Also be sure to take a look at the Tribeca Leonard Chandelier, the Tribeca Reade Table Lamp, and the Warren Wall Lamp.

Purchase Information:

Price: $699.95
Available from: Menu Design Shop

Apparatus Lighting

Holy smokes. Apparatus is hitting exactly the right note with their modern-yet-timeworn lighting collection, and if you have a healthy budget, you’ll definitely want to consider one of their chandelier/pendants for one heck of a statement. Using a vintage sensibility, designer Gabriel Hendifar and partner Jeremy Anderson create fixtures using aged brass, hand-etched glass, leather, and porcelain to create these eclectic fixtures. A few pieces are below, but do check out their website for the full collection and variations on each design: Apparatus.

More information:

View Apparatus Lighting here

Workstead 3 Arm Chandelier

The Workstead 3 Arm Chandelier caught my eye again in a small yet lovely interior the other day (thanks Kris for the link), and was reminded of how the arms allow for such versatility in terms of dimensions. As a horizontal fixture, it hangs 36″ from the ceiling, however, if you choose to take advantage of the vertical length, you’ll have up to a 62″ drop. That is a dramatic difference, and allows for different moods depending on the height of the light bulbs. I’m planning on adding this chandelier to my ‘save-up-for-pronto’ list.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,800.00
Available from: Workstead

You Make It: Lindsey Adelman Chandelier

How cool does this chandelier look? Pretty cool, right? Now, what if I told you I made this guy with my own two hands? Yep, I finally got around to making a DIY Lindsey Adelman Chandelier. And, yes, it was difficult at times- more than a few swear words were released into the ether- but so well worth it. Details below.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00
Available from: Grand Brass Lamp Parts

Cord Chandelier

Do you want a large chandelier? Are you looking to spend around $2,000? If you are nodding your head to both of those questions, please do take a look at this Cord Chandelier from Brendan Ravenhill. It’s a tensegrity structure (full definition here), which, in this case, roughly means the constant tension of the arms and electrical wires allow for the radiating design. Custom sizing is also available, with a lead time of 3-4 weeks. Also, if you like the design, but are in the market for a smaller swing arm lamp, check out the Cord Lamp, with the much more affordable price tag of $220.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,000.00
Available from: Brendan Ravenhill

Rotor Pendant from Shades of Light

Say hello to our new sponsor, Shades of Light. Out of their vast array of unique lighting, rugs, furniture, etc., this pendant stands out for its materials: it’s made from repurposed automotive rotors. Industrial simplicity is always nice to see, especially when reclaimed parts are involved.

75 watts (medium base socket).
(22″Hx10″W) (each piece is one of a kind so measurements are approximate)
5″ canopy

Purchase Information:

Price: $395.00
Available from: Shades of Light

Orbits urban chandelier by StilNovoDesign

Heavy metal lighting: hmm, what do we think? Made from recycled wine barrel hoops, this chandelier has a handmade feel with just enough edge to keep it from looking too hokey. I agree with the designers in that it would look just at home in a rustic room as a modern setting; it could possibly be one of those pieces that make a room look perfectly ‘unperfect’ (i.e. lived in/eclectic).


Purchase Information:

Price: $870.00
Available from: StilNovoDesign

Connect Chandelier

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga combines recycled bike parts to make these amazing Victorian inspired chandeliers. Each piece is slightly different, and if you’re interested in purchasing one for your own home, you can select elements/dimensions and inquire for a custom quote.


Purchase Information:

Price: $Available upon request.
Availability: Buy Connect Chandelier here

30 Pencil Icosahedron

Designer Michiel Cornelissen creates a perfect blend of technology and readymade craft with his 30 Pencil Icosahedron kit. The connecting joints are 3d printed, and coupled with 30 pencils (provided by you) creates a cool icosahedron shape. I would prefer to skip the lamp shade function and just have them around to play with as a sculptural toy.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.72
Availability: Buy 30 Pencil Icosahedron here

Source: Design Spotter

Met Chandelier by Hans Harald Rath

10 grand for roughly 10 inches of light? Sure, but I’m taking it everywhere I go and it’s also going to double as my new favorite hat. Here’s some history on the 1960s-esque, Sputnik-style chandelier.

Designer: Hans Harald Rath
Manufacturer: Lobmeyr
Nickel-plated brass frame, Swarovski crystal, and hand-cut crystal

24″ D, $15,634.00 at TableArt
30″ D, $11,740.00 at Moss
33″ D, $26,845.00 at TableArt
39″ D, $29,990.00 at TableArt
51″ D, $63,185.00 at TableArt
63″ D, $78,465.00 at Moss

Purchase Information:

Price: $11,740.00
Availability: Buy Met Chandelier by Hans Harald Rath here

Bubble Chandelier

Oh my, what loveliness is this? Traditional-interiors-plus-modern-furnishings product shots gets me every time… too freaking bad that the price is *way* over any budget for a light fixture that I can ever hope to have.

The Bubble Chandelier, featuring hand-blown glass globes and custom hardware finishing, is assembled at Lindsey Adelman’s studio in Brooklyn, NY. The fixture’s dimensions and drop length are chosen to best suit the space. The branching version is modular, making it incredibly versatile and allowing both vertical and horizontal orientations. Professional installation required.

Designer: Lindsey Adelman

Shown lower right: Bubble Chandelier 6 Globe, Branching, $9,600.00

[via pan-dan]

Purchase Information:

Price: $9,600.00
Availability: Buy Bubble Chandelier here

Source: Via

Edison Chandelier

This is one crazy octopus-like chandelier, but the industrial feel could look very good in the right sort of setting. Looks like you’d have license to hang it however you’d like, so that could be fun figuring out whether to go symmetrical or all-out random.

Around the turn of the century, designers like Adolf Loos were drawn to the austere beauty of industrial light fixtures and adapted them for home interiors. In that spirit, we’ve taken the bare essentials of lighting – wires, sockets and bulbs – and elevated them to a lofty aesthetic. The chandelier can be hung in any configuration to suit any room’s decor. Ten fabric-covered cords extend from a circular bronzed ceiling plate. Clear oversized bulbs have visible filaments (included). Cords are 46″ l.

Overall: 5.5″ diameter, 50.5″ long
Canopy: 5.5″ diameter, 1.5″ high

Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $399.00
Availability: Buy Edison Chandelier here

Corona Chandelier

I like how this looks kind of upside down and how the historic bulbs play off the otherwise modern styling.

Lighting distilled to its essence. Created by acclaimed designer Rico Espinet, this industrial-chic chandelier pairs a thick band of bronze-finished metal with 12 exposed bulbs. A dramatic centerpiece for the dining room or entry, it’s suspended from three fixed rods attached to an adjustable center rod. Uses twelve 40W max. type A historic bulbs (included). UL-approved. Professional installation recommended. 24″ diam.; height adjusts from 46″ to 82″.

Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,150.00
Availability: Buy Corona Chandelier here

Broadway Linear Crystal Chandelier by James R. Moder

I recently saw this in person and it’s pretty spectacular.

“The James R. Moder Broadway Linear Crystal Chandelier is old-world, crystal magnificence in a contemporary setting. Crystals hang from both ends of multiple strands that can be wound around the central fixture. Truly, no two Broadway chandeliers are the same, as the strands can be positioned randomly, creating a unique layer of crystal on both sides of the Candelabra lamps.”

Options:- Crystal Grade: Imperial (shown), Regal, Spectra Swarovski, or Strass Swarovski.- Size: Large (features 52 strands of crystal), or Small (features 39 strands of crystal).

Large: Nine 60 Watt 120 Volt Candelabra Base Incandescent lamps (not included),
Small: Five 60 Watt 120 Volt Candelabra Base Incandescent lamps (not included).

Purchase Information:

Price: $750.00
Availability: Buy Broadway Linear Crystal Chandelier by James R. Moder here

Cascade Pendant Lights by Michelle Brand

If you can get past the price tag, this light is actually pretty spectacular.

‘Sustainable and stylish, these light fixtures of cascading flowers are designed from recycled bottle-bases that have been cleaned, sanded and tagged together by hand. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Choose 8″, 10″, 12″ or 14″. All measure 5 3/4″ in width. Items featured 8″ Cascade.’

(note: I think that the options for length is meant to read in feet, not inches, fyi.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $4,500.00
Availability: Buy Cascade Pendant Lights by Michelle Brand here