Throw Pillow Assortment


I’ve been doing some pillow shopping for my living room (been on a sans-pillow kick for a while) and want to mix things up with a colorful pattern. It’s been tough finding something that feels like it’ll work, especially since I always tend towards safe solids…just in case you’re in the same boat, here’s some of the ones I found yesterday that seem sort of interesting.

(left to right, top to bottom)
Radial Pillow, $70.00, Buy it here.
Patchwork Kilim Pillow, $45.00, Buy it here.
Ikat Patch Pillow, $14.99, Buy it here.
Java Embroidered Applique, $90.00, Buy it here.
Striped Pillow: Red, $98.00 $59.00, Buy it here.
Multi-Blocks Pillow, $35.00, Buy it here.
Patchwork Kilim Pillow $45.00, Buy it here.
Swami Black Decorative Pillow, $190.00, Buy it here.
Bespoke Pillows set of 3 by Maharam, $345.00, Buy it here.


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