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The Rug Company & RugMark

The Rug Company & RugMark

The Rug Company recently joined RugMark, the foundation dedicated to ending child labor in the handmade carpet industry. If you’re not familiar with either you can follow a few links and find out that this is a very good thing, because a major player in the rug industry jumping on this particular boat signals a shift in industry standards of child-labor-free carpets.

The prices are a little higher, but the particular peace of mind of knowing that a rug is child-labor-free seems well worth saving up for…Plus, there’s some pretty intriguing designs by some kind-of-quirky designers that The Rug Company has up their sleeve…I’m kind of in love with some of the stranger ones, too many to show them all, but here’s a handful:

(shown left to right)
Swirl by Paul Smith
Carmelina by
The Rug Company
Overleaf by Marni
Love Heart by Vivienne Westwood
Palette by Fiona Curran

$32.50- $230.00 per square foot, from a 3’x5′ to a 18’x12′ (this means anywhere between $485.00 to $49,680.00(!))

To learn more, visit RugMark Foundation


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