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Urban Nature Planters

Urban Nature Planters

These planters would certainly set you back a fair amount, but their substantial sizes and über modern design is surprisingly hard to find among most outdoor décor suppliers.

Made entirely of fiberglass, these planters are not only extremely light weight but will also withstand the elements and resist dents better than any other material on the market. Also, since fiberglass is non-porous, the bowls are completely waterproof, making them a perfect choice for indoor and outdoor applications.

Minimalist Bowl: 30″ x 24″H, $1,395.00, Buy it here.

Ideas: Use a minimalist bowl as a bold stand alone accent piece, purchase a pair to frame a dramatic entryway, or use as a recurring element to unify your habitat.

Shallow Bowl: 48″ x 14″ H, $1,695.00, Buy it here.

Ideas: Fill a shallow bowl with eye-catching succulents or create a self contained water garden by filling with river rock, aquatic plants, and goldfish or koi.


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