Seat Cushions by Grain de couleur


Ooo, more eye trickery, and this time it benefits our derrière. Grain de Couleur specializes in digital printing on fabric, and as you can see here, they’ve created these seat cushions that have the look of other various materials, front and back. They are a bit on the smallish (and poofy) side, so take note of the size before buying a full set for a dining chair makeover.

Paille Originale seat cushion, $60.00

Capiton seat cushion

Capiton seat cushion
Capiton seat cushion, $60.00

Formica by Grain de couleur
Formica Bleu seat cushion, $60.00

Also, there’s Tresse Jaune (not pictured) with an antique caning pattern.

Size H x W : 14 x 14 inch

Available from Yellow Velvet, 60.00.

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