Heavy-duty Steel Spade, Shovel, Fork


If you’re planning on digging in the dirt to plant new flowers and such, you’d better have the right tools to minimize any aching backs. Longer handles will help with that, just like you see with this set available from Kaufmann Mercantile. Fabricated from airplane-quality steel for strength, each tool is handmade one at a time in the same factory since 1964 in New Jersey.

Heavy-duty Steel Spade, Shovel, Fork

Materials: Steel
Made in U.S.A.

Heavy-duty Steel Spade, $98.00 (Measures 3 ½ feet long.)
Heavy-duty Small Steel Shovel, $44.90 (Measures two feet long.)
Heavy-duty Steel Digging Fork, $79.00 (Measures 3 ½ feet long.)

Available from Kaufmann Mercantile, 44.90 - 98.00.

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