Fatboy Picnic Lounge


Yes, the large tag on this Fatboy Picnic Lounge is a little obnoxious, but it’s also a little pouch for your keys, phone, etc. so you don’t lose them at the beach or park (or backyard?). Maybe we’ll just tuck it under the lounge rug so it doesn’t distract us and/or others from all the fun we’ll be having. Four giant pins, a hole in the middle for a sunshade, and an included brush make this Picnic Lounge perfect for a sunny day outdoors. And, when the day is done, roll it up and carry it home with its specially designed strap.

Fatboy Picnic Lounge

Brand/Designer: Fatboy
Materials: Polyester
Dimensions: 82 x 107 inches

Easy to clean; wipe clean with a moist cloth and mild soap.

Available from Design Public, 249.00.

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