Geo Pillow


Designer Mika Barr has released her first collection in a series named Geo, a pattern derived from the world of Origami paper-folding. Pretty terrific, don’t you think? So terrific it might require begging/purchasing of luggage space from the next European traveler to the states. Or paying extra for international shipping, of course.

Geo Pillow

Designer: Mika Barr for Talents Design
Measurements: S – 50 x 50cm, M – 60 x 60 cm, Long 60 X 30 cm, Pouf 70 x 70 x 70 cm
Materials: Silk Print on cotton fabric Optional
Color: White/Grey/Black/Red (can be castumed)

65 Euro each // 118 Euro for two

Available from Talents Design, €65.00.

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