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Articles Written by Katie


About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Moon Tables

Sleek! These Moon Tables from Ethnicraft’s Universo Positivo collection strikes the right note with their solid oak tops and lacquered stainless steel sides. The slight rim helps corral any miscellany- not that you have any- and the materials give a refined feel to a rather simple, no-frills design.

Purchase Information:

Price: $449.00 - 799.00
Available from: Lekker Home

Soft Aerating Pourers

You’re not going to want to carry around a bulky wine aerator on all your future picnics this summer, are you? Nah, all you’ll need to bring is one of these little plastic Pourers. It’ll fit into the neck of any bottle and will aerate your wine while making sure there’s no drips or spills- unless you have too much wine, that is, and then all bets are off.

Purchase Information:

Price: $10.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Last Stool Steel

A splattered steel stool by Max Lamb? Yes, please. Hem has a variety of colors, so you’re sure to find something you love. The polished copper version is especially cool, but it’s sold out. Boo-hoo. Thank goodness there are so many other options.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00 - 349.00
Available from: Hem

Tama Door Chime

You may not need a door chime, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a gentle announcement of a door opening or closing? Assassins Friends and family members (or customers?) would be thwarted from sneaking up behind you to scare you silly, that’s for sure, or you can just think of it as a ‘welcome’ and ‘goodbye’ each time someone comes and goes. The Tama Door Chime installs easily via its magnetic back or included mounting plate.

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Available from: Natala Natala

Atelier Février Rugs

Prepare yourself, because the rugs from Atelier Février are not cheap, and that’s a bit of an understatement. The Diamond and Sri di Rugs are made of 100% Tibetan wool that is hand-carded and hand-spun; the Nazar rug is made of silk and Himalayan Wool. All are hand-knotted by Tibetan artisans. You should have heard a slight swooshing sound at each of those compound adjectives; they indicate the price tag leaping up way over your budget. The designs are quite beautiful and compelling, as their off-kilter lines keep your eyes enthralled.

Purchase Information:

Price: $6,605.00+
Available from: The Future Perfect

Secret Decoder Ring

For your secret messages, you’ll need a Secret Decoder Ring. Pass communication on paper, email or text without fear of prying eyes to your spouse/partner/coworker knowing that only they (and other people with the ring) can decode your words. It’s sorta fun, right?

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.00
Available from: Whitney Museum Shop

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Raumgestalt Watch Box

If you possess more than four watches, you need a Watch Box. Alternatively, if chunky bracelets or large brooches are more your thing, this box will keep those jewels safe and secure. The box has eight compartments with soft tyvek® lining; the divisions are removable should you need a larger storage compartment.

Purchase Information:

Price: $90.00
Available from: Luminaire

Tio Easy Chair

With all this talk of enjoying the outdoors, we might as well discuss the seating arrangements. After all, you can only spend so much time on a picnic blanket before your back gets tired. Hopefully, if you have an outdoor area attached to your home, you have some sort of comfortable seating already, but, if not, you might want to take a look at Massproductions’ indoor-outdoor Tio Easy Chair. It’s stackable and and will withstand all sorts of weather as it’s made with polyester powder-coated galvanized wire. That said, no one will question it if you move it indoors, as it could stand proud as a sculptural seating option inside the home just as well as it would outside.

Purchase Information:

Price: $342.00
Available from: A+R Store

The Lunch Box

Foodies and minimalists will love THE* Lunch Box. It’s made from anodized aluminum- that means it’s sturdy, lightweight, heat-conductive and hygienic. There’s no clips, straps, buttons, or branding (thank goodness), so your food will be the star of the show. Fun fact: the proportions of the box are based on the Japanese flag.

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Ode to Things

Dusen Dusen Towels

Fun! Dusen Dusen Towels are just what you need by the pool or on the beach, as the prints are lively and the colors vivid- just right for the summer sun. Pick your favorite or go crazy and get one to match each of your bathing suits. Now, if they’d just make bathing suits…

Purchase Information:

Price: $80.00
Available from: DWR

NeighBirds Birdhouse

There’s never a bad time to put up a birdhouse, especially if that birdhouse is modular. A modular birdhouse? Yep, thanks to the hexagonal log shape of the NeighBirds Birdhouse, it can be paired with other units as your avian neighborhood grows. The soft polyester strap won’t damage your tree and stretches to accommodate more houses.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.00
Available from: Gessato

MG501 Cuba Chair

Say ‘folding chair’ and you immediately think of the cheap aluminum sort found at various community gatherings. Lucky you, just because your home is spatially challenged doesn’t mean you have to resort to those ugly things; take a look at the MG501 Cuba Chair by Morten Gottler. It’s light and flexible, and can easily fold up for storage- in a closet or hung on a wall. Natural cotton webbing straps provide support and comfort.

Purchase Information:

Price: $745.00
Available from: SUITE New York

Brass Mobiles

Intricate brass pieces on these mobiles turn and shift with slight changes in the air, catching light and casting shadows. The delicate nature is fine and precious, and the thin, slow moving, branch-like arms will add a dynamic element to your space. Think of it as a special finishing touch to a room, much like a refined piece of jewelry you add to complete an outfit.

Purchase Information:

Price: $400.00 - 700.00
Available from: rikumo

Suvé Bath Brushes

Talk about pampering yourself, these Suvé Brushes are so very luxurious with their soft, silky bristles. Made of solid walnut with natural goat hair (ideal for sensitive skin), each brush is built to last for daily use. So, go for it: enjoy a gentle scrub and get clean. One of these may be an ideal gift (you remember Mother’s Day is May 8, right?).

Purchase Information:

Price: $78.00 - 145.00
Available from: Nalata Nalata