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Articles Written by Katie


About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Plant Animals

Okay, so not everyone wants to add accessories to their plants, but these Plant Animals are kind of cute. Just attach each animal by folding the hands into shape around the branches or tendrils of your plant. As they’re made from brass, they’ll catch the light every now and then and remind you of your exotic “pet” that requires no care at all (you will have to keep your plant alive, though).

Purchase Information:

Price: £5.00
Available from: Another Studio

Flat Iron Trivet

Speaking of your tabletop needs, do you have enough trivets? You know, those things that protect your table from hot pots and dishes? This one by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Swedish brand Smaller Objects hides two trivets in one- the inner plate rests in the outer ring. Keep it in place for one-dish dinners and storage; lift it out when you need a second surface. A simple and elegant solution, don’t you think?

Purchase Information:

Price: $70.00
Available from: Ode to Things

Lapel Pin, Art

Just in case you wish to poke fun at art and artists, this enamel pin is for you. At 1.5″ across, it should fit onto your jacket/bag/shirt just fine, and I’d be surprised if you don’t get a few knowing nods whenever you take it out for a spin. Should you wish to hang the same message on your wall, there’s also a Art Print: Art, signed and embossed. Note: the Art Print is no longer available. Sad face.

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.00
Available from: Benjie Escobar

The Belt Reinvented

No Friday Links today (international travel = yuck), but you get one link to a leather belt that has 4 styles with just 1 belt buckle and 1 belt. Nice, right?

Purchase Information:

Price: £59.00
Available from: Kickstarter

Preserve Your Travel Card

How’s this for an interesting alternative to the paper postcard? This mailing card has a specimen window for sharing a piece of your travel. Send a leaf*, a clipping from a newspaper or magazine, a ticket, etc., by inserting the item between the plastic sheets. Jot down your memory or message, and a moment is captured. Send it off to a favorite friend or family member.

Purchase Information:

Price: $11.00
Available from: Spoon & Tamago

Hex Three Piece Baking Dish Set

See this Hex Baking Dish Set? Your Thanksgiving spread would look a hell of a lot cooler with a few dishes baked in these babies. Best of all, they slide and stack together for various serving and storage arrangements, so you can play around with how you present different meals. Neat.

Purchase Information:

Price: $340.00
Available from: Finell

Kinto Travel Tumbler

Here’s a travel tumbler that will work with your minimal lifestyle. There’s nothing to distract the eye, just a clean, simple design to hold your favorite beverage. Its stainless steel body (powder coated) is double-walled and vacuum-sealed, and that means it will keep liquids insulated for up to 6 hours. Not bad, eh?

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00
Available from: Poketo


It’s that time of the year when stacks of logs in your living room are entirely permissible… unless you don’t have a fireplace, because then you’ll just look like a hoarder. This Mixrack is a simple frame of powder-coated steel that can accommodate firewood, wine bottles, or magazines. As long as you keep the stack tidy and avoid any other compulsive gathering of multiple materials, it’s an excellent way to store whatever you choose in a minimal way.

Purchase Information:

Price: $125.00 - 150.00
Available from: DWR

Suvé Bath Brushes

Talk about pampering yourself, these Suvé Brushes are so very luxurious with their soft, silky bristles. Made of solid walnut with natural goat hair (ideal for sensitive skin), each brush is built to last for daily use. So, go for it: enjoy a gentle scrub and get clean. One of these may be an ideal gift, so bookmark it for when you’re doing your holiday shopping.

Purchase Information:

Price: $78.00 - 145.00
Available from: Nalata Nalata

Happy Halloween

There are some truly terrifying Halloween decorations (aesthetically speaking) and I don’t blame you if you’d rather not take part. However, if you’d like to make a tiny effort towards recognizing the annual holiday that happens today, here are a few finds on Etsy that would be perfect for next year’s half-hearted decorative effort, most of which can easily store away without taking up most of your garage or spare closet.

Crank Brothers Multi 19 Tool

Multi-tools are must-haves, don’t you think? Whether you keep one on you, in your car, or on your bicycle, you’re prepared for almost anything with a multi-tool. They’re way easier than carrying around than a toolbox, that’s for sure. The Crank Brothers Multi 19 Tool features side grips for a secure handhold and includes a spoke wrench, a chain tool, hex wrenches, open wrench, screwdrivers, and torx. And, yes, I had to look up torx. Also, if you are (or know) a cyclist, do check out the Crane E-Ne Bell in black, also available from the same retailer.

Purchase Information:

Price: $33.95
Available from: Handsome

Fin Candleholders

Add a little candlelight to your evenings this autumn by getting a couple of Fin Candleholders. Inspired by the hulls of classic boats, the candleholders are constructed from laser cut steel that slots together. They’re resistance welded, so don’t expect them to arrive flat-packed. Do expect them to cast a flattering glow to those gathered around your table.

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00 - 50.00
Available from: Field

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Standing Coffee Measure Spoon

Is $40 too much for a coffee measure spoon? Well, do you drink coffee everyday, or often enough to appreciate that this spoon stands up on its own, even full of coffee beans? Designed by Masaharu Asano, this spoon is easy to grab and comfortable to hold. Its curves and angled tilt are all intended to improve the coffee-making process.

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Available from: Spoon & Tamago

The Illuminated Bookmark

Okay, now, no need to worry about what to get me for a gift- one of these Illuminated Bookmarks will do just fine. It’s a bookmark printed on a special film with ink that transmits electricity. See the circuit the ink creates? Add a lithium coin battery between the positive and negative ends and you’ve got an LED light. Pretty fun, huh? It’s sure to please any reader that is fond of technology.

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.00
Available from: designboom