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About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


My Spot Bauhaus Memento Display

Hey, how about a string, a weight, and some anchors to hold up your important photos and notes? That sounds dreadfully dull, but it’s not, I promise. My Spot is just a very, very minimal approach to a pin board. Gravity keeps the string taut, allowing the anchors to hold your postcards, calendar pages, and notes within reach and perfectly displayed on a simple, horizontal line. Switch out your items easily without succumbing to the mess of a traditional bulletin board.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00 - 160.00
Available from: Dwell

Asplund Tati Coat Rack

Oh, how wonderful it would be to have additional coat storage, especially if that coat storage was the Asplund Tati Coat Rack. Designed by Johan Ridderstråle & Mats Broberg for ASPLUND Collection, the Tati Coat Rack is available in two different sizes and several colors (anthracite, white, violet, olive, nougat, deep blue and orange) as well as a base in either Carrara mabrle or black granite. Which one would look best in your entryway or bedroom? I vote for deep blue.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,645.00 - 1,745.00
Available from:

Salt, Pepper, & Sugar Flasks

No more mismatched serving vessels for your salt, pepper, and sugar. Tse & Tse offers up this set, each flask with its own stainless steel top to serve a specific function. The pepper flask has a pierced cone, the salt a small sprinkler, and the sugar flask tip incorporates a spoon. A soft plastic plug is located at the bottom for refills.

Purchase Information:

Price: $68.00
Available from: Horne

Light Line

A new design from the Lindsey Adelman Studio that’s available immediately? What!? Usually any design takes weeks to ship, but not this little Light Line designed by Mary Wallis. It utilizes a cold cathode tube to form a somewhat traditional table lamp shape and has a brushed brass base and dimmer switch. If you’re looking for a special lamp to add some edginess to your decor, this just might be it.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,200.00
Available from: Lindsey Adelman

Sawkille Co. Stools

Finding beautifully made barstools with a pared-down aesthetic is not an easy task, and that’s exactly why the stools from Sawkille Co. stand out. A little Shaker influence is apparent, as these hand-crafted wood pieces draw from a “farmhouse modern aesthetic” that designer Johan Meyer strips down for a more modern result with pure, clean lines. Sawkille Co. has its headquarters and showroom in Rhinebeck, NY, so if you’re ever passing through, you’d be crazy not to stop and take a look.

Purchase Information:

Price: $800.00
Available from: Sawkille Co.

Source: NYTimes

Rose Gold Colla Card Holder

Do you need a Rose Gold Colla Card Holder from Otaat? Maybe not, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting one. Once pocket holds your dolla dollar bills and/or business cards, all in a lovely rose gold cowhide leather case. And, if you prefer a less shiny (i.e. more conservative) version, Otaat has a black, camel, and navy options on their website.

Purchase Information:

Price: $65.00
Available from: Cooper Hewitt Shop

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    Enjoy your weekend.

    Ototo Musical Invention Kit

    Your excellent memory might recall us linking to the Ototo meets ECAL workshop, and, if your interest was piqued, you’ll be ecstatic to know the Ototo Musical Invention Kit is now available from the MoMA Store. Once it arrives on your doorstep, you’ll be able to make music from anything. Connect conductive objects to the keys and voilà! you’ll be an electronic sound maestro in no time- no coding or programming knowledge needed. Plants, forks, fruits, or whatever else you’ve got lying around becomes your orchestra. So fun I can hardly stand it.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $145.00
    Available from: MoMA Store

    Whiskey Wedge

    If you like a little whiskey now and then, maybe you’d be interested in this efficient method of keeping it chilled with less dilution than normal ice cubes. The Whiskey Wedge has a silicone mold that diagonally bisects the glass, letting you freeze the glass with one half ice. It’ll keep your whiskey cold, and you’ll have less clinkety-clanking of cubes as you finish your drink. The presentation is pretty interesting too, if you’re into impressing your guests.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $14.95
    Available from: Uncommon Goods

    Saikai Toki Brass Objects

    Let’s play a game. Which of these brass items is a trivet? A paper weight? What about a bottle opener? And the items below, which one is a candle stand? You might just want to add one of these Saikai Toki Objects to your desktop and/or favorite area of the home, as they’re small, useful and will add a semi-precious sheen to their surrounding space.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $75.00 - 115.00
    Available from: The Future Perfect


    So smart! This bicycle saddle seat transforms into a solid one meter bicycle lock. Huh? Yep, you read that right. The frame under the seat unfolds to provide you with a secure locking system- no extraneous lock or chain needed. The less we need to carry with us on our bikes the better, and integrating a lock into a seat is a brilliant idea, as we’ll never be without it.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $85.00
    Available from: Kickstarter

    Touch Tonic

    Why is this person painting their gloves with fingernail polish? Pfft, we know better than to assume that, and we’re probably thinking whatever they’re doing to their gloves has to do with cold weather and our devices, and we’d be right. It’s Touch Tonic, and you paint it on your favorite gloves so that you can connect with your device while keeping your fingers warm. It’s better to use it on darker fabrics, as it’s not completely clear, fyi, and each application lasts several weeks.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $20.00
    Available from: Photojojo

    The Prepster Emergency Survival Bag

    Too lazy to put together your own emergency survival kit? Don’t you worry, you can buy the Prepster Bag and be fit for any disaster, for 72 hours at least. There’s a hand crank radio and phone charger, a first-aid kit, ProBar® Meals, BOXED WATER IS BETTER® waters, tools, a tent, LED flashlight, and so much more. It’s assembled all for you, in a striped and monogrammed bag, no less. If you had this the next time a fire, earthquake, or hurricane rolled around, would you be more prepared? Definitely. Could you buy all this stuff yourself and possibly save some money? Probably, but will you ever get around to it? There’s also the Prepster Lite ($145.00) for a trimmed down version.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $345.00 - 395.00
    Available from: Preppi

    The Floyd Shelf

    Thankfully, the clever people behind The Floyd Leg didn’t stop with increasing the amount of tables on this earth: there’s now The Floyd Shelf. One set of a left and right shelf bracket can create one shelf- you just have to supply the flat surface. Maybe you’ve got some wood lying around, maybe some other mysterious material, but put your brain to work in thinking up ways you can utilize your existing ‘stuff’ to create a new shelf to put your other stuff like books and plants and such.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $85.00
    Available from: Floyd Studio

    Source: Dwell

    Ferm Living Circular Jute Rug

    I don’t know where you’re going to put one of these circular jute rugs by Ferm Living, but you’d better figure it out, because for $62, they’re a steal of a deal. And don’t ask why, because the patterns- triangles! dots! sticks!- should pretty much convince you, if not the size (it’ll fit anywhere) and the fact that’s it’s made from 100% jute. I’d say it could work well in your entryway, laundry room, or any other high traffic space (a kid’s room, perhaps?).

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $62.00
    Available from: Ferm Living