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Articles Written by Katie


About Katie: Katie has been a product and textile designer, an art restoration specialist, and an interior designer/merchandiser. Her interests are focused on finding well designed items that improve daily life as well as reading fiction and making stuff. (View Profile)


Swissted Posters

Hey, do you need some remixed rock posters on your walls? Because there’s a bunch from Swissted, and they’ve all got a hefty dose of Swiss Modernism applied to the original vintage designs. Pick a few of your favorites and you’ll have a gallery wall of fun prints in no time.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00 - 150.00
Available from: Swissted

Ding Enameled Cast Iron Casserole with Stand

I know next to nothing about cooking, but I sure know a handsome casserole dish when I see one. Made from cast iron (which is very efficient at retaining heat), the dish has a flat base that sits easily on an oven rack or stovetop with a separate stand (and non-slip silicone pads) to raise the dish for tabletop serving. Those of you familiar with the the ancient Chinese tradition of “Ding” will notice that this piece shares some similarities in shape; think of it as a modern update to some of the world’s oldest cookware.

Purchase Information:

Price: $240.00
Available from: Gessato

Friday Links

– Serious about your ping pong game? Here you go: Leather Ping Pong Paddle Case

Tubular Magazine Rack (to go with your Joe Columbo furniture perhaps?)

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Start With Yes Print

– Painting: Nighttime Observations in Gray by Rachel Walter

D25 Sconce

Crystal Wall Hook (Mt. Fuji) (Winter is coming…)

My First Shoes DIY Kit (I know, it’s $100+ to hand sew your own baby’s shoes, but they’re cuuuute)

– Pretty slick 12L Motorcycle Tail Bag on Kickstarter

Have a good weekend!

12L Motorcycle Tail Bag

Dodecal 2018

Oh, your calendar for next year is flat? Huh, mine is a wooden polyhedra with each month laser-engraved on its sides. See, you turn it around every which way to view the desired month, so it’s sort of a fun-and-functional desktop object. Hmm? Yes, of course, you can have one too.

Purchase Information:

Price: £79.00
Available from: DodeCal

Herman Stackable Stool

How’s this for a stackable stool/side table? It’s got a pretty friendly price and features an oval-shaped seat on a sturdy powder-coated metal frame. That and the colors will have you considering just how many you may want to add to your own abode.

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Available from: Ferm Living

Corner Ring Bound Notepad

Do you need a Corner Ring Bound Notepad? Possibly, if those normal ringed notebooks now look suddenly way too constrained. Japanese stationery brand Inkaren brings us these memo pads, in lined, blank, and dotted pages, for all of our lists, drawings, and notes. Available in either a large or small size.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00 - 18.00
Available from: rikumo

Profile Folding Chair

Wait, now, are we seeing a folding chair that looks cool? That might seem like the wrong word, but look, it’s true. Clean lines and a minimal treatment makes this folding chair just right for modernists. Too bad that it’ll take several more hundred-dollar bills to get one of these rather than the standard metal chairs, but we’re used to that sort of pricing by now (right?).

Purchase Information:

Price: $550.00
Available from: Horne

Bliss Tea Service

Tea for one or tea for two? You’ll have options with the Bliss Collection by Odo Fioravanti for Normann Copenhagen. Rounded handles and cute, upturned spouts keep things casual and friendly. And, handily, an upturned Tea Cup sits right on top of the Teapot, so your other hand is free to carry another cup, Sugar Bowl, and/or Milk Jug.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00 - 49.00
Available from: Gretel Home

Pastel Champagne Cooler

Chances are that you’ll find the price of this Champagne Cooler way too high, but let’s not let that stop us from admiring the subtle gradation of color on its silvered glass surface. There’s actually several pieces of the collection (how pretty is the pink one?), but, so far, I’ve only found one retailer carrying just this one piece.

Purchase Information:

Price: $745.00
Available from: Luminaire

Terrazzo Tote Bag

Terrazzo fans, there’s now a tote bag that approximates the looks of our favorite material, all in a much lighter 100% organic cotton. And the size of it will please you, as it’s extra large, so there’ll be no worries about fitting a fluffy jacket or multiple grocery bags. Nice!

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.00
Available from: Ferm Living

‘Cork’ folder A4

Are you continually looking for a better folio? No matter how paperless you get, there’s still occasional times where you need to transport documents or notepads. This soft ‘Cork’ folder A4 is secures your essential paperwork with a black elastic band, simple as can be.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Available from: WallpaperSTORE*

Friday Links

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Have a nice weekend.

Euclid Lamp

This lamp is pretty neat; you can change its look by switching around its seven shapes. Display different combinations of the acrylic plates for different moods- add or subtract colors, make it tall or short, just have fun.

Purchase Information:

Price: €210.00
Available from: L'Atelier d'exercices

Wooden Bookstand

I know, a Wooden Bookstand is not at the top of your need/want list. However, if you’re short on wall space, it could be just the thing to highlight your favorite photograph, painting or special book. Heck, it may even encourage you to play an instrument (it could hold sheet music as well), or, if not that, at least make you look a little more cultured.

Purchase Information:

Price: $275.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Be Nice Tea Towel x David Shrigley

It’d be awfully tempting to stuff this tea towel into the mouth of a loud, mean person. Would we get punched in the face? Probably. But, it might shut them up, at least temporarily. And, it’d be hard to be mean when holding a tea towel with a pretty rainbow and the words ‘BE NICE’, wouldn’t it? So, maybe they’d change, as if by magic. After removing it from their mouths, of course.

Purchase Information:

Price: $36.00
Available from: Third Drawer Down