Woolly Pocket Islands

Woolly Pocket Islands

New Woolly Pocket islands! With the same breathable fabric as the original Wally and Meadow, these islands can live on their own on a table or floor (instead of hanging on a wall like the Wally) plus zippered panels allow for customized plant shapes.

Shown above: Brian Woolly Pocket, $152.00
Height 16″, 12-sided shape, 4 zippers
diameter 18″, volume 1.0 cf

Woolly Pocket Steve
Steve Woolly Pocket, $97.00
Height 16″, dia. 10″, volume .40 cf
6-sided shape, 3 zippers

Woolly Pocket Lana
Lana Woolly Pocket, $59.00
Height 6″, 8-sided shape, no zippers
diameter 15″, volume .50 cf

Woolly Pocket Tina
Tina Woolly Pocket, $29.00
Height 4″, 5-sided shape, no zippers
diameter 9″, volume .20 cf

Available from Woolly Pocket, 29.00 and up.

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