Short on space but still want to grow your own greens? Not a problem. A Windowfarm utilizes vertical window space for year-round growing. A hydroponic system allows maximum yield; nutrient-spiked water is pumped from a reservoir down through each bottle to bathe the roots of the plants, giving them adequate food and water on a set schedule. You can order a system directly from Windowfarms, or if you’d prefer, simply build your own by gathering parts and recycled materials yourself (note: this will take a fair bit of effort/time).


$199.00 for a One-Column Windowfarm & One-Column Starter Pack.
$299.00 for a Two-Column Windowfarm & Two-Column Starter Pack.

For more information, visit Windowfarms and/or watch the video of Windowfarms founder Britta Riley explaining how the units work.

Available from Windowfarms, 199.00.

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