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Wax Crayons in a Box (Set of 24)

Wax Crayons in a Box (Set of 24)

These make me happy just by looking at them.

“More than just a compelling color palette, these Wax Crayons surpass European specifications for toxicity and even adhere to the food provision ordinance, which is much stricter than the regulations for the toy industry. To achieve this level of quality, pure beeswax is combined with all-natural pigments to create pure color that can be used in all kinds of ways. The 25 hues are based on an extension of Goethe’s 12-part color circle, which represents the natural progression of the color spectrum. Made in Germany.”

Pure beeswax; pigment. Box: wood; Scraper: plastic.
Box: H 4.5″ W 9″ D 1″

$60.00, Buy it here.


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