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Vanity Vanities

Vanity Vanities

These glass mirrors by dilettante have such a delicate touch of style. They’re really quite lovely.

“the vanity vanities are a regal line of intricate water-jet cut and laser-etched glass mirrors. (limited edition of 500)”

his majesty: “who ever loved that loved not at first sight?” (christopher marlowe)
dimensions: 1′-4″ x 1′-11″, $595 or 2′-0″ x 2′-10″, $795

her majesty: “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?” (william shakespeare)
her majesty: 1′-6″ x 1′-8″, $595 or 2′-3″ x 2′-6″, $795

$595 and $795, Buy it here.


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