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twixit clever hook

twixit clever hook

Clever, indeed.

“Here’s a design item so functional and innovative, it was actually featured in Popular Mechanics! This modern solution to the static hook found in bathrooms and closets uses gravity to hold onto anything you hang towels, clothing, purses, etc.’with its patented double hook. Place an item on the lower arm of the Clever Hook the top arm is automatically pulled down to ‘pinch’ť it in place. The heavier the item, the more secure the pinch. The Clever Hook mounts with two wood screws and has been tested to hold up to 40 pounds when attached to a stud or anchored to the wall. It is available in beech wood, as well as five plastic patterns, and is attractive enough to hang in any room in the house.”

h 3″ w .05″ d 2″


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