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Trapeze LED Table Light

Trapeze LED Table Light

Whoa, this lamp is something else. The rounded counterweights are distinctly sculptural, and the 3-axis range of motion means you’ll get an even warm light (thanks to the LEDs) wherever you need it. Aluminum spherical joints allow for fluid-yet-precise movement. On a personal note, my workspace lamp recently bit the dust and I opted to upgrade to the Trapeze- the movement of the arm is pretty fantastic. Wherever you move the head, it stays, which is exactly what is needed from a task light. Two thumbs up.

Trapeze LED Table Light
Trapeze LED Table Light Large ($350)

Trapeze LED Table Light
Also available in a smaller size: Trapeze LED Table Light Small ($350).

-Aluminum spherical joints are precision engineered to accommodate a wide range of motion in all directions, but stay precisely in place once positioned
-Swiveling light head contains 102 high output LEDs, emitting brilliant, warm light with adjustable brightness
-Cutting-edge diffusion technology and the thinnest flat-panel light engine on the market produce soft, uniform light, free of multiple shadows and harsh glare
-Energy-efficient LEDs consume 8 watts of power and are rated to last 40,000 hours
-Aluminum construction and innovative engineering eliminates the need for visible wiring or excess moving parts

Materials: Aluminum, steel, iron and ABS plastic
Color options: white, blue
Finish: Matte, soft-feel paint
Light source: 102 8W LED array

Available from YLighting, 395.00.

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