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This Is Fun. Space Prints.

This Is Fun. Space Prints.

Isn’t it? At least it will be until the three limited editions are sold out, and then everyone except the 3 people who bought the prints will email with the why-the-hell-did-you-post-something-in-such-limited-quantities message, and I’ll be forced to explain that these prints were one of the few things that I found today that truly proves that affordable art does, in fact, exist. Plus, it’s ‘fun’.

White text “THIS IS FUN” is screen printed by hand over vintage photography of space. Limited edition, one of a kind. Piece is signed on the back by the artist.

Images are taken from a vintage photography book on galaxies.
Image measures 14″ x 14″.

Available from Fifi du Vie, 35.00.

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