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Stampede FLOR Carpet Tiles

Stampede FLOR Carpet Tiles

Hmm. This could be an interesting option if you’re fond of carpet tiles.

Look: Patterned tributes to the beloved Holstein. Dairy cow-sized spots in four colors on fields of white with subtle flecks. Touch: Plusher than a cowhide: a cut and loop combination gives it pleasant varied softness. Be Smart: Don’t run with the herd: spot markings on Stampede are irregularly placed and tiles are designed to be installed randomly for a hide-inspired abstract artwork for your floor. The Details: 19.7″ x 19.7″. 100% Nylon face fiber. Made in the USA. FLOR recommends installing tiles in either the same direction or a parquet style.

All tiles are 19.7″ x 19.7″
(For a 4’x6′ rug, it’d cost you about $176.00.)


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