Shirara’s Paper Blocks & Tiara


Making things out of paper is kind of a hobby of mine, so I can’t help but post these two items from the paper-crazy Japanese design collective, Shirara. The paper block kit has ‘great gift’ written all over it (and yes, the tiara is a little frou-frou-ish, but that’s what a tiara is, so deal with it).

Paper Blocks, $44.00,
Buy it here.

This 23-piece set stirs the imagination both artistically and spatially. The pristine paper blocks are a blank slate for children of all ages to illustrate with their wildest dreams. The blocks are in varying shapes to accommodate all kinds of structures. Comes flat-packed. No glue necessary: It’s self-adhesive to allow for easy assembling. Designed by Mai Miura

One Day Princess Tiara, $28.00,
Buy it here.

This tiara is among the more baroque of [Shirara’s] efforts, kissed in gold and strung with a very long white satin ribbon. We love the modernity that comes from translating something so precious in idea as a tiara into something so fleeting as paper. Flatpacked and measuring about 6-3/4″ tall and about 16-1/4″ before interlocking the tabs–making it a perfectly princely coronet for all ages. by Tomitama

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