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Self Watering Planter by Joey Roth

Self Watering Planter by Joey Roth

Holiday travel is booked, you’re wrapping up at work, and all is set for you to head off to family/friends for the upcoming break. It’s only at the last minute where you have a minor freak-out wondering who is going to water your plants, and then rush around making a messy shoestring wick for the 2 to 3 plants that won’t survive without steady irrigation. Nothing against shoestring wicks, as they can be successful if done correctly, but this self watering planter by Joey Roth seems like a better (looking) solution. The planter’s earthenware central chamber allows water to slowly seep into the soil as the plant absorbs only what it needs. The planter is inspired by the Olla, an ancient irrigation tool used in arid climates.

Self Watering Planter by Joey Roth

Made from Terracotta and Zisha: naturally porous unglazed earthenware

Dimensions: 8″ diameter x 6″ height.
Soil capacity: 2.5 liters.
Water capacity: 0.4 liters.
Designed for up to three herbs or six succulents.

Updated price and link; originally posted Dec 13, 2012.

Available from Joey Roth, $50.00.

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