Scaffolding Floor and Table Lamp


Update: Do you happen to remember the Scaffolding Lamps by Rodger Stevens? Well, check out the current sale prices: Scaffolding Floor Lamp $499.99, Scaffolding Table Lamp $299.99. Quite a discount from the previously listed prices in ’09 (below).

How absolutely wonderful are these lamps by Rodger Stevens? I’ll tell you how wonderful they are: they’re the sort of lamps you’d buy without thinking about how you can’t afford them because they are freaking amazing, that’s how.

Made from handpicked wood cast-offs from a multitude of sources, from demolition projects to piano manufacturers.
Made in New York.

Scaffolding Table Lamp, $695.00 $299.99
Available at Green Depot.

Scaffolding Floor Lamp, $1,995.00 $499.99
Available at Green Depot.

Available from Green Depot, 299.00.

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