Pillow Stack Vase Series, Eva Zeisel


If you know someone that’s a fan of Eva Zeisel, and they don’t have this stacking Pillow Vase set, then you have a potential slam dunk gift on your hands. Conceived as a series, the three vases stand on their own as functioning vases, yet also stack to form a larger piece. Each piece is slip cast porcelain with KleinReid’s signature satin matte glaze and are available separately as well.

Eva Zeisel collaborated with NY based ceramic studio KleinReid to create this series of vases in 1999.

Set of 3: 1 Large Pillow Vase, 1 Medium Pillow Vase, 1 Baby Bud Vase, $340.00
The three piece series measures 15″ tall by 9″ diameter.

Baby Vase, $56.00
Porcelain, satin matte glaze. 4″

Pillow Medium Vase, $95.00
Porcelain, satin matte glaze. 6″ in diameter

Large Pillow Vase, $189.00
Porcelain, satin matte glaze. 8.5″ in diameter.

Available from Klein Reid, 340.00.

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