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Persian Explosion Rug (a.k.a Modello Rug)

Persian Explosion Rug (a.k.a Modello Rug)

Huh? I saw this on Core77 and put an email in to Studio Mango to see when it might be available to buy online, and surprise, surprise, it already is. However, take a look at the price (and retailer). What does this affordability mean? Is the quality maybe not so great? Someone please shed light on this strange occurrence. I get that the material is not wool, so sure, that affects the cost, but I’m not used to a 5’x8′ being under $300. I’m confused and concerned. I’ve been assured that the crazy affordable price is due to the retailer buying up a large amount of the rugs, thereby passing on the savings to all of us lucky ducks. Forgive my original skepticism.

The Persian carpet is a product which has been around for centuries if not a millennium, a product with great tradition and heritage. Never the less its appeal has been decreasing, many young people consider it to be an object for granny´s house. So Studio Mango decided to grab the rug and update it to be ready for the year 2010 without losing touch of its original origin and heritage. A collection of 6 different models and sizes has been taken into production by Umbra.

Designed by Studio Mango for Umbra
75% polypropelene/11% Jute/8% polyester/6% polyester-cotton blend.

24″ x 36″ Accent Rug, $24.99
25″ x 94″ Runner, $99.99
5′ x 8′ Room Size Rug, $219.99
8′ x 10′ Room Size Rug, $499.99

[via Core 77]


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