If one of these kits were within my arms’ reach, I’d be building my own geodesic dome, no matter if there were kids around or not. It looks fun, doesn’t it? A bunch of 24-inch polypropylene tubes plus 12 SEBS (non-toxic, latex-free material) OgoBild balls gives you the ingredients to construct large, lightweight structures. Throw a sheet over it and you have a fort. Like I said before, fun, right? Now on sale at MCA Shop, but you can also purchase directly from OGOStore.

Designed by OgoSport of Brooklyn, New York.
Made of plastic.
The kit includes 12 SEBS (non-toxic, latex-free material) OgoBild balls and 30 24-inch polypropylene tubes.


Available from MCA Shop, 22.98 - 49.00.

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