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Ninety Task Light

Ninety Task Light

Sure, not everyone’s going to plunk down $500 for a lamp, but it is an excellent, excellent design. If you have it for the next thirty years, you could say it’s worth the $1.38 per month that it averages out to be, but then, I guess you could use that formula to justify buying anything expensive.

The world’s most energy-efficient LED task light. Four high-powered LED’s illuminate the task area as the asymmetrical light distribution ensures optimal ergonomic lighting. A spring-balanced arm, rotating base and sleek head give the Ninety excellent range of motion.
Ninety supplies a great deal of light even though it consumes very little energy, 7.8 watts. The secret is an advanced system of lenses which guide the light effectively towards your workspace. This reduces the risk of glare. The LED’s that are used produce a comfortable color of light that renders colors well.
It is easy to adjust Ninety to make the light fall where you need it. A spring-balanced hinge in the base allows the arm to be moved back and forth. The shade is easy to turn and the specially developed base contains two separate bearings for easy adjustment.

Design by Shawn Littrell.
Available in two arm lengths: Short- 30.7″ or Long- 35.4″.

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