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Mirave & Miru Mirror

Mirave & Miru Mirror

These mirrors seem to be pretty special- take a look at the incredible texture and materials. Christian Astuguevieille (pronounced ah-stewg-v’YAY) designed them especially for CoutureLab and after googling him and glimpsing just a tiny peek at his abode and various art objects, I can understand the mystique and appeal surrounding the man behind the name. Also, check out his crazy rope chair, called Moisart…not for the timid decorator/designer/collector.

Mirave Mirror:

The bunched, synthetic lavender of this mirror is dipped in black acrylic paint creating a dense textured frame to the convex glass. The frame is backed in black wood and signed by the artist…Characteristics between individual pieces may vary as each mirror is handmade.

Size: Small 22 x 22 cm
$3,000 approx, Buy it here.

Mirol Mirror:

The domes and spheres which frame this mirror are constructed from braided cotton, the same material that is used to make synthetic flowers. The back of the mirror is lined with muslin and marked with the Christian Astuguevieille atelier stamp…Characteristics between individual pieces may vary as each mirror is handmade.

Rectangular mirror mounted with a saffron red braided cotton frame
Size: Small 29 x 24 cm
$1,251 (approx), Buy it here.

The NYtimes also has an article on Astuguevieille as well.


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