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Milky Way Minor Cheese Knives

Milky Way Minor Cheese Knives

If the La Via Lattea Cheese Knife Set was way too rich for your wallet (at $400, I’d say that’s likely), but you loooove your cheese enough to treat it to something sort of special, check out these puppies. Designed by the very same Mr. and Mrs. Gasparini, this series was intended as lower priced option for an “interested public but not necessarily to experts.”

Set of cheese knives composed of: knife for hard cheeses, knife for semi-hard cheeses, knife for soft cheeses and knife for semi-soft cheeses in steel AISI 420. Handle in thermoplastic resin.

Manufactured by Alessi.

Available from these retailers:
Speranza Design Gallery on Amazon: $122.00
Unica Home: $112.00
Switch Modern: $112.00

Available from Switch Modern, 112.00.

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