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Manual Paper Shredder

Manual Paper Shredder

No electricity needed, just a little elbow grease and your sensitive documents and bills are shredded lickety split. Let me guess, you like that a) it uses manual labor rather than electricity, b) you won’t need to worry about your tie/necklace getting caught and potentially strangling you, c) you’ll finally get some exercise, d) your workspace will be rid of that loud paper shredder noise, or e) all of the above.

IDEA shredder open

from IDEA.
‘Insert the paper, crank the handle and the shredder will quietly slice and dice the sheet into crosscut sections and then deposit them in the handy storage tray.’

Available in white, gray, blue, or pink.

Updated price and link; originally from our archives (posted Sep 20, 2010).

Available from HORNE, 44.00.

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