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Lifestyle Notebook – Travels

Lifestyle Notebook – Travels

If you travel often, you know how easy it is to become disorganized; with this book, you’ll be able to keep important information all in one place and, after your trip is done, it’s a great way to remember the experience.

Inside this hardcover book are the following sections: Travel Schedule; Budget; Things to Bring; Accommodation, Restaurant and Sightseeing (whether experienced in the past, or planned in the future); Travel Journal; Travel Information (country codes, size conversion charts, currency information, etc.) Shopping List; and Expenses. On the pages are pre-printed grids and forms to keep the information organized, and there’s room to attach pictures if you wish. In the back are perforated sheets for notes and the book’s compact size makes it easy to carry with you.

H 8.5″ W 4.75″ D .25″

$25.00, Buy it here.


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