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How about a bright, modular floor system that has no F’s, L’s, O’s, or R’s in its name? Well, I take back the O and R, as the name Kinder GROUND has those. No floor adhesive necessary, the Kinder GROUND system has various geometric shapes that fit together to create nontraditional rug sizes. Each hex, triangle, or diamond tile is fairly colorful, and you can either create your own pattern or purchase a pre-packaged configuration.

Kinder GROUND Parallelogram Milk Circle Dot

Parallelogram Milk Circle Dot (8 piece Triangle), $3,200.00

“kG rugs are handmade from 100% New Zealand wool and backed with an all-natural tree rubber and jute material, completely eliminating the need for rug pads.”

Materials: 100% New Zealand wool, Cotton backing, EcoNet™

Certification: Eco-Friendly, Federal Flammability Standard

Purchase pre-packaged configurations from 2Modern or visit Kinder Ground to create your own.

Kinder GROUND Honeycomb Carpet - Swizzle

Honeycomb Carpet – Swizzle (7 piece Hexagon), $3,150.00

Available from Kinder GROUND, 1,350.00 and up.

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