Kaleido Trays


Yes, yes, and yes. This collection of powder-coated steel trays stack together for easy storage. Just how many places could you use them in? Kitchen, bathroom, office, anywhere where you need a little help organizing the bits and bobs associated with your daily life. And, if I may say so, the colors are excellent in their unexpectedness.

Also, for the eagle-eye among you: yes, we posted this mid-2012, but upon viewing new images from A+R Store, a re-post was absolutely necessary.

Kaleido Plates

A collaboration of Clara Von Zweigbergk and Hay.
Powder-coated Steel

X-L: 17.75″ l x 15.25″ w
L: 15.25″ l x 13.25″ w
M: 13.25″ l x 7.5″ w
S: 8.5″ l x 7.5″ w
X-Small: 7.5″ L x 4.25″ W

Kaleido Plates

Kaleido Plates

Available from A+R Store, 16.00 and up.

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