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Icosahedron Pendant

Icosahedron Pendant

Yes, it is another icosahedron, that wonderful 20-sided shape that we all know and love, yet this one is in the form of a pendant light- a pendant light handmade in Brooklyn, NY, no less. Now, the retailer is being a little mysterious (or maybe just forgetful) by not listing the actual artist’s name (nor the cooperative), but let’s congratulate the artist for creating this acrylic glass and brushed aluminum beauty. Oh, remember how ‘handmade’ was in italics? That emphasis serves to warn you that this pendant will put a dent in your credit card should you choose to purchase it.

Icosahedron Pendant
Yep, it’s also available in orange/yellow.

Handmade by a cooperative of engineers, designers, and artists sharing a production facility, offices, and ideas, in Brooklyn, NY.

acrylic glass and brushed aluminum.
15.12″ x 16.25″.

Available from ABC Home, 1,500.00.

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