Hydro container


How’s this for a way to display your prized plants? Created by Japan-based designer 10¹² TERRA, this minimalist container was designed so that a plant is suspended within, thus allowing its intricate root system to be displayed. The top portion has a grid that holds the plant while the bottom portion holds water; this two part system makes it easy to replace the water when needed and showcases the plant in its entirety.

Hydro container

“The name of the Brand ‘[10 ¹ ²] TERRA’ was inspired by the number of cells produced per day (10 ¹ ²) and the glass cases called ‘terrariums’, made ​​for collecting and showcasing plants. The products are completely handmade, and may have slight variations in colors and shape between each product.”

The product is handmade in Japan.
2-3 week lead time

Several sizes available, $125.00 each.

This item is no longer available from the original retailer. 5/17/15

Available from Leibal, $125.00.

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