Hay’s Tower Blocks Paper Notes


If you’re going to keep track of your to-do’s and odd notes on paper, you might as well make that paper nice to look at. HAY Denmark has all sorts of lovely offerings in the way of home furnishings and accessories, and we’ll just be thankful that they took the time to apply some great graphics to stacks of note paper.

Note: I originally thought $30 was the price of the set. Silly me, the towers are priced individually (!).

Orange: 3″ l x 3″ w x 8.25″ h (7.6×7.6x21cm), $38.00
Coral: 3″ l x 3″ w x 10″ h (7.6×7.6×25.4cm), $45.00
Grey: 3″ l x 3″ w x 6.5″ h (7.6×7.6×16.5cm), $30.00
Rose: 4.5″ l x 3″ w x 6 h (11.3×7.6×16.5cm), $38.00

DETAILS: Some 1200 to 2000 sheets of paper per tower

Available from A+R Store, 30.00.

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