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Haptic Lab Signature Kites

Haptic Lab Signature Kites

What should you do on a windy, sunny day? Go fly a kite, of course. Should you not already be in possession of a semi-wonderful wind instrument, Haptic Lab will set you up right with one of their Signature Kites. Traditional/semi-tradional shapes made from patterned nylon fabric will keep your eyes entertained, while the removable hardwood spars give structure. Each kite is slightly different, as they are handmade, yet all feature one (or two) of Haptic Lab’s signature ten-foot-long patchwork kite tail. Use it as a wall hanging when you’re stuck at your desk.

Haptic Lab Signature Kite Alula

-Ripstop Nylon, hardwood (Birch) spars
-Removable wood spar
-Made in America

Designed by Emily Fischer of Haptic Lab

Dimensions: 34″ H x 28″ W (38″ W on Pilot Kites)

Haptic Lab Signature Kite Kuma

Available from Haptic Lab, 38.00 - 46.00.

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