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Handmade Cedar Wood Rope Swing

Handmade Cedar Wood Rope Swing

If you have a tree where a swing would work and 150 bucks lying around*, what are you waiting for? The weather is nice and ripe for appreciation, and a tree swing is just the thing to entice you and your friends/family oudoors. This handcrafted swing by Dzierlenga F+U is made from local cedar in upstate NY and can be personalized with a message, name, or initals. Talk about a great housewarming gift, eh? There’s also the Carved Oak Rope Swing ($188) which has a nice curve to it.

*150 bucks sound like a lot for a swing? Here are a few others with a lower price tag (there are <$90 ones online, but the quality doesn't seem as high- if you know otherwise please comment below): Etsy: Extra Wide Wooden Rope Tree Swing, $97.90

Etsy: Wooden Rope Tree Swing, $91.30

Amazon: Adult Tree Swing, $62.95

Available from Kaufmann Mercantile, $155.00.

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