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If you have $300 and a not-so-nice smelling room, you either buy a boatload of ugly artificial air fresheners or you buy the Hakutan. As you may know, the Hakutan is a section of White Charcoal with an extremely high carbon content; this high grade of charcoal cleanses the air naturally and remains active indefinitely. It regulates humidity (think bathroom) and absorbs odors (kitchen smells), all while looking like a small natural sculpture. And, if you should ever tire of it, you can dispose of the Hakutan by crushing it and mixing with potting soil, as it makes an excellent fertilizer.


Materials:The raw material is Korean oak / organically produced and handcrafted in Korea.

To activate, simply remove the plastic cover and place the Hakutan in any room you wish to purify. Occasionally exposing Hakutan to sunlight allows it to dry out thoroughly and regain its ability to adsorb.

Diameter 4-6” x H 4.3”, 5.5”, 6.3” (approx.)

Available from ModMobili, 300.00.

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