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Geometric Fire Pit

Geometric Fire Pit

Remember this guy? It’s your best choice for a fire pit, in my humble opinion. For example, there’s this other Geometric Fire Pit ($998), which has a very similar shape, but it doesn’t have an optional wood top for coffee table use ($160-$222) or a grill top ($175-289) to make food part of the party. Those two additions make sense of the slight price difference, don’t you think? Choose between the Small or Large Geometric Fire Pit.

Designer: John Paul Plauché of Plodes Studio.

Small: H 14.25″ W 30.75″ D 30.75″
Large: H 14″ W 40.5″ D 40.5″

-Outdoor wood burning fire pit
-Carbon steel
-Rust patina finish

There’s two options for the steel:
“The Corten Steel Firepit ($1,675) is made of a metal designed to rust to a point, and then that rust becomes a protective layer.
The A36 Steel Firepit ($1,195) is made of Carbon Steel, a metal that will continue to rust and peel.
Both metals will produce runoff that will stain adjacent materials like stone and concrete. The Corten Steel will produce less of this runoff.”

Geometric Firepit grate top

Firepit Grate Top, $175.00 – $289.00

Geometric Firepit wood top

Firepit Cedar Top, $160.00 – $222.00

Available from DWR, 1,195.00 - 2,145.00.

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